Top 5 Mystery Books To Read

As of this past couple weeks I have been reading a TON of crime/ mystery novels. I think it’s because I just came off of a biography binge so now I need more excitement, but anyways here is my list of the top 5, I’ve managed to squeeze in lately! This is basically my favorite genre so a lot of other really great books are missing, but it’s a good start! Feel free to leave suggestions on other books to read or review in the comments! I am always on the prowl for new books! These books are listed in no particular order.

All The Missing Girls- Megan Miranda

– I just finished this book and I loved every minute of it! Like I said I read this genre quite often, so it’s nice to get a book that is so different from the rest. I’ll try not give too much away but basically this girl named Nic’s best friend was kidnapped and since then Nic hasn’t really been back. After ten years, she goes back to clean out her dad’s house and another girl disappears and she is drawn back to finding out what happened. My favorite part about the novel was how it was set up. The book starts off with the climax and works its way backwards. So cool, and surprisingly super hard to predict!

The Best Kind of People- Zoe Whittall

– This novel will have you feeling so many different feelings all at once, the biggest one being confusion. This popular teacher, George Woodbury, gets arrested for sexual impropriety at a school where he is considered a hero. The book revolves around his wife- Joan, daughter- Sadie, and son- Andrew and how they are handling the charges and the arrest. Their beliefs and values are constantly challenged as they debate whether George Woodbury is innocent or guilty. What makes this novel so good is that you never hear George’s side of the story and you are left feeling the same thing as the family.

The Woman in Cabin 10- Ruth Ware

– I found this novel out of the ordinary, which is why I rated it 5 stars on my good reads account (check the contact section to find my good reads account!). Lo is a writer for a travel magazine is sent on a brand new, luxurious cruise with a few high end guests. One night while inside her cabin, she hears a loud splash from next door where a woman is staying. However, when she wakes up everyone is accounted for. I thought this book was amazing, because of the setting. It’s such an unusual location for a crime novel to take place and on top of that the storyline was very unique! It definitely stood out from the rest!

Finders Keepers (Bill Hodge’s Trilogy #2)- Stephen King

– I have to say, I am extremely biased when it comes to anything Stephen King. I will immediately read and love anything he writes! My dad used to collect all of Stephen King’s novels and now so do my brother and I. By the way, if you love Stephen King, you’ll love his son’s work too (Joe Hill- Love him, Please look him up!). Anyways, this whole series is about Bill Hodge, a private investigator, but out of all three books this ones my favourite! It starts off that a famous author of the Jimmy Gold series, John Rothstein, has written a book that has never been published. An obsessed fan, Morris, breaks into his house and kills him to steal the last book while also stealing his money. He hides the money and novel before he is arrested for another novel. Later, a young boy finds the money and novel and is in danger when Morris is released. Bill Hodge and his crew have to save the young boy before Morris finds him. Again, this book had a very different storyline, and also had a great setup! The first half of the book had nothing to do with Bill Hodge, and everything to do with this young boy finding the money and the books. I loved how I got to know all the characters so well and the struggles they faced in their own storyline. So when Bill Hodge did come into the picture I was even more intrigued to find out what was happening because I was so connected to every character. Well done Stephen King, you amazed me yet again!

The Cuckoo’s Calling (Cormoran Strike #1)- Robert Galbraith AKA J.k. Rowling

– Alright, so the last book I added to the list was Cuckoo’s Calling. I really love J.k. Rowling. I just really love Harry Potter so much. She did get a lot of backlash for Casual Vacancy when it came out, so these books are under Robert Galbraith, but they are very good books and I’m hoping the third one comes out soon! If you’re interested in this series, the second book is called The Silkworm and is equally as good. So, in this novel a private investigator named Cormoran Strike is trying to solve the case of a model’s suicide that appears to be suspicious. Strike is living in his office with an almost failing business, so when the case Lula Landry comes up he is on it and finds himself investigating superstars, rock stars, fashion designers and all that jazz. I made it sound super lame I bet, but its awesome, and Silkworm is about an author that goes missing which is also very intriguing!

– Hope the list was helpful! Feel free to leave a comment with a suggestion on a book I should read and review!

– Erin


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