5 Pieces of Furniture You Wouldn’t Want to be in Beauty and the Beast

Hey You Lovely Readers!

So last night I bought tickets to the first screening of the new Beauty and the Beast at the theater and I thought I would do our first Film Friday review on it! Of course you already know that I’m going to tell you that it was absolutely amazing, and I may have cried through Tale As Old As Time…. And something there….. and possibly even the Gaston song…. And maybe even a bit of the Mob song…. Ok the whole movie I was crying I was so happy, but whatever you already are going to see it because we both know it is so worth it and so very amazing. So instead of a traditional review I thought that I would review what pieces of furniture you would NOT like to be in Beauty and the Beast.

  1. A SPOON, A FORK- Do you know how many germs are in your mouth??? I don’t have this number for you but seriously that is your face in someone’s mouth….
  2. A CHAIR- I have no idea where your face would be in this mess but imagine being a chair. If your face is on the seat that is definitely a no- go, but even if it was higher up its like their back is suffocating you and sometimes people sit there for hours! You are holding someone up for hours… Think about that.
  3. ANYTHING IN BEASTS BEDROOM- His room is torn to shreds! There are broken chairs and the bed has been destroyed. Were those originally people, like in his anger did he kill them?! I would like to say that this is based on the cartoon version because in the new one his room has no evidence of furniture/people damage.
  4. A DUSTER- The Feather Duster (Babette? LOL) and Lumiere look like they have a lovely relationship and she just looks so lovely cleaning and dusting. However, I am allergic to dust. I mean its one thing to wipe things down but to be bathing in dust?! Would that just kill me?? And even if you are not allergic, you are covered with dirt constantly and I mean you would sneeze with the dust too right?
  5. THE WARDROBE- I only say this because you would never be able to leave your room. SO basically anything that cannot leave the room. You would be stuck there for however long that damn rose takes to die or however long it takes Beast to get his act together!

That is really all the ones I feel are the worst, feel free to comment if you think of anymore!


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