What I Ate Wednesday

Days off! These are the days when all I want to do is treat myself, breakfast, lunch, and dinner! On this particular day Erin and I were meeting up for lunch to talk shop and eat (obviously), so I decided to spend the morning writing and job hunting.

Remedy Cafe – Breakfast (10am)

One of my favourite cafes for vegan and vegetarian option is Remedy. Not only do they have super tasty vegan desserts but they serve Indian Cuisine that really satisfies my craving. This morning I went for a House Made Chai Latte (with almond milk)


(hello these chai’s are delicious)

My normal go to is the Aloo Ghobi wrap (or dish), and when I saw they had a breakfast version on the menu I almost jumped over the table and kissed the barista.

This wrap is vegan (yay) and packed with cauliflower, peas, and heaps of quinoa. The normal “dinner” version of this wrap contains a tomato chutney, whereas the breakfast version is made with their hummus instead (what vegetarian can say no to more protein). As per usual super delicious!


SugarBowl – Lunch (1:30pm)


I seriously love the SugarBowl, it serves a killer brunch, great cinnamon buns, and an extensive beer list. I stuck to coffee that afternoon and their soy latte which was on point.


Erin and I both went for the featured breakfast sandwich which happened to be vegetarian (yay!). It was loaded with spinach, eggs, cheese, mayo, and avocado, all on a giant ciabatta bun. Not only was it delicious, but it was super affordable at $7.


I have to say the only thing SugarBowl lacks are vegan friendly option, however, with some modifications you could certainly make some of their items to suit your needs! Erin and I also shared a cinnamon bun (not pictured), which as per usual, was giant and fluffy.


Home – Dinner (7:30pm)

After that giant lunch, I let my belly digest and popped in for a quick yoga session. Afterwards I was ready for something clean packed with good nutrients so I whipped up a spinach salad, loaded with zucchini and butternut squash topped with a french vinaigrette!
That’s all for today guys! Let me know in the comments what you ate!



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