Bridging the Viewing Gap

Happy Friday everyone! Todays Film Friday isn’t a film per se, but an amazing TV show I’ve just discovered on Netflix, thanks to a recommendation! The show is called The Bridge (Bron in Swedish/Broen in Danish), and it follows a Swedish and Danish cop as they work together to solve a crime.

Season one brings the two detective together, when the body of a woman is found exactly halfway on the bridge between Denmark and Sweden. The halfway mark also marks the border between the two countries, therefore, the body is half in Sweden and half in Denmark making it both of the main characters problems.


(the bridge connecting Sweden and Denmark)

If you happen not to speak Danish or Swedish, you will have to watch the show with subtitles (which is a deal breaker for some people but not for me), which limits the watchability when I’m tired or distracted – but this show is one that you want to give all your attention to anyways.

Aside from the intricate crime, the thing that makes this show so great is the relationship between Saga Noren (the Swedish detective) and Martin Rhodes (the Danish detective). Their chemistry is instant and makes for an electric screen that is hard to tear your eyes from. Both the characters have flaws, which only strengthens their relationship and increases their watchability.


Fun fact about the show: because people from Sweden and Denmark can understand each other (even though they speak their own respective languages) the showrunners decided to keep the Danish characters speaking Danish and the Swedish characters speaking Swedish. Therefore the show is broadcast in both Swedish and Danish!

Seriously if you love shows like Broadchurch, Shetland, or The Killing, you will love this show. It’s fast paced and packed with a great mystery that you really don’t see coming until the end.  I’ve just started season two and it has pulled me right back into the action!


Title: The Bridge
Channel/Service: Netflix (Canada)

Seasons available: Three (!!)

Language: Swedish/Danish with English Subtitles


That’s all happy Watching!




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