Art After Dark

Hey Everyone!

So last Tuesday, one of my best friends, sister, and I tried out an Art After Dark at a local café! I have to say, I took art classes all through high school and even took the art 30-1 and I still REALLY sucked at it! It was difficult, but it really didn’t matter because it was insanely fun.

I know there’s a few different classes like this going around, but I chose the Art After Dark because I loved their different painting themes! I mean they do a bunch of Disney, so you can’t go wrong with Disney! I know they also do other themes other than Disney, but of course Beauty and the Beast just game out and if you’ve been reading our other posts I absolutely loved it, and now everything in my life has a Beauty and the Beast theme. Also, what’s nice about the Art After Dark is that they have some in a bar that you can attend, but the one we went to was in a café so older kids could be there too!

To attend, you can check out their Facebook page by searching Art After Dark, or go on their website to check out the website . I would book as soon as possible as tickets go very fast. Tickets are around $30.00 and I think that there is pricing for a group if you come as a larger group.

So basically, we met up at the café and got drinks, chose our easel. We got these tracers to trace the beasts horns and to trace belle in the middle (the castle was all freestyle which is why it looks sooooo lovely). Then this lovely looking guy (Tyler? Tanner? I’m so sorry), did a step by step with us on how to paint the night sky, and Belle, and eventually stars and all that jazz. We found that after the first five minutes we were lost, so we just had fun with the night sky, and then after that looked bad, we went back to following his advice after. He was a very nice guy and is willing to check on you and help you with whatever you need. In the end it was just a lot of fun. We were just laughing and having a good time and we just stopped caring about how our painting was supposed to look.

Obviously I had a very good time, and I would give this experience 5 stars for teaching us some new painting techniques and to just accept your finished painting that will look nothing like what it’s supposed to! Also, for the laughs and the amount of times that we said “Oh god I messed up”.

Here is our finished version that looks nothing like the original!

– Erin


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