Fitbit Awesomeness

This week on motivation Monday: I am actually using my Fitbit blaze for fitness stuff and not just to check my texts, phone calls, emails, tweets, etc, etc. So I got the new Fitbit blaze for Christmas, and I love it! Originally, I was distracted by the fact that I could see my texts and phone calls and all this stuff, and I never used it for working out. However, things have changed now. If you are considering getting one of these- just do it but, if you want the ability to answer those text messages and emails, than just get a smart watch because you can’t do it with the Fitbit blaze, you can only see them. For gym purposes though, the Fitbit Blaze has been amazing for me.

Alright, I’m going to share how awesome it is with a walkthrough. So when you tap the screen the clock shows up- which you can beautify like I did on the app. From there if you swipe down, the Fitbit connects to your music on your phone and you can change the song and see what is playing. If you swipe up, it shows all your notifications from your phone (you can change what notifications you get in the app). When you are getting a phone call, it vibrates and says whose calling when you lift your wrist up like you are checking the time. This is SUPER helpful when you’re at the gym! You never have to bring your phone out to check what’s happening and I find that if I am working out my phone, I never have to have the phone attached to me.

So from here you swipe that clock to the left, and you get todays information. When you tap on the word “Today” you get your step count, heart rate, calories, and all that usual information. In addition, from 9- 6, it’ll prompt you to try to get 250 steps in every hour until 5 and at the end of the day it’ll show you how active you were for those 9 hours. I hope you are better than me, and have a higher average. Mine is so sad with the average of 4/9 hours.

Again swipe left and you are faced with that dreaded but word “Exercise” . When you tap dat word, you get different cardio workouts such as running, biking, weights, the treadmill, elliptical, and just workout. Pretty much these just time what you are doing and at the end when you get to tap the race car finish flag (a VERY magical feeling), it shows your results with calories, time spent doing this, and heart rate. This way you don’t have to record it manually in the Fitbit app and it gives you a summary!

Next is my favourite and why I think this is so great! If you swipe left again, you get the word “FitStar”. So when you tap this, three different programs show up. The first is warmup. This gives you eight different yoga moves to warmup with or stretch it out when you’re done. They include things like cat and cows, shoulder rolls, etc.  The second program is a 7 minute workout. This includes 13 different exercises consisting of things like jumping jacks, wall squats, pushups, and lunges. Last, is the 10 minute abs, which horribly includes bicycle kicks, elbow planks, windshield wipers (this looks ridiculous but really hurts in a good way), planks, etc. So for each program, the Fitbit blaze prompts you through each move. It shows you how to properly do each move before starting them, times you, and vibrates when you have to move on to the next move. I love it because instead of me constantly watching a clock or counting them out, I just do as many reps as I can before the time is up, which seems to go by faster.

If you keep swiping left you have a timer, alarms and then finally settings. I have to say that if you are struggling with the gym and do not really know what to do for different workouts, this watch is perfect for you. They do not require machines, but have that option in case you are using them. If you wanted to workout at home and workout for free (always lovely), you can do one of those programs however many times you want and it works just as well and gets your blood pumping- this is what matters.

So, if you didn’t want to read what I wrote and just skipped to the bottom, here’s a summary: Fitbit Blaze = Super awesome and helpful. Recommend!

– Erin


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