Hi everyone! Lit Thursday today and I’d like to review book one of a series that I ALWAYS take on Vacation: Outlander (by Diana Gabaldon). The first book in this series is not new to the party, it was written in the late 1990s, however, I only found it a couple years ago.

Outlander combines elements of everything I like in a book; time travel, period drama, romance, suspense, and mystery. The rough plot is such; the main character Claire is finally on her honeymoon with her husband Frank post- WWII – roughly 1945 ish (she is a nurse and he an officer). They decide to take their honeymoon in the highlands of Scotland (magical) and Frank (being the historian that he is) wants to take the opportunity to trace his English ancestor who was an officer in Scotland in the 1700’s. Claire becomes bored with Frank’s ancestral obsession and takes the opportunity to explore the highlands herself. While exploring she comes across a stone circle and is transported back in time to 1700’s Scotland.

Now I’ve been to some standing stone circles and let me tell you they are super magical; I spent a year in Scotland and so Gabaldon’s description of the highlands really hits a chord for me.


(Me, hoping to be transported back in time)

Now of course I’m not going to spoil the plot for you but while back in time Claire meets maybe the most attractive man ever (named Jamie). The TV adaptation of this show actually cast the character EXTREMELY well so I will insert a picture of him below (for reference).


(hello look at those eyes)

I’m currently on the fourth or fifth book of the series and they are all amazing. The second book focuses heavily on the Jacobite rising, so it is probably the slowest paced of the bunch (but push through I promise).

Also just a note on Gabaldon herself, she has a master in Zoology which has nothing to do with the fact that she is a kick ass fiction writer. Basically she’s my spirit animal.


(the madcap lady herself)

That’s all for now! Happy reading!



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