Double Feature

Hey Lovely Readers!

Happy Friday! Go out, get drunk, party, drink a whole bottle of wine to yourself, have a great day! Or, if you feel like chilling out this weekend, I have a couple movie options for you! Today, I’m posting two, because I did watch a really serious one recently! Buuutttt I get it if you’re not feeling up to that! It’s Friday! Put your feet up, have some wine, grab a pet or person to cuddle and unwind from the week with my other fun option!

So the first movie I watched recently I want to talk about is Jackie with Natalie Portman!

I absolutely loved the movie! It starts off with an Jackie being interviewed and talking about various roles and things she did in the white house. Then it takes a drastic and emotional turn and she describes what happened when John F. Kennedy was assassinated. She goes on to describe the shooting itself and the events that occurred right after the assassination. It is incredible what that woman had to do and put up with the second her husband had died. I will say, when you first hear Natalie Portman talk, you will be like why is she talking like that! I’m not American so a lot of my presidential knowledge is quite terrible, but I did look up of a video of Jackie Kennedy talking and she mastered her voice. The movie was really amazing. The camera shots were incredible, they did an amazing job of switching between past and present to the day of that interview. There are scenes where it looks like actual footage, and then Natalie Portman steps out and you are like oh not actual footage, that’s how good it is! Anyways the story line is fantastic as well, and it does look like an Oscar nominated movie. It is serious, if you are feeling like a serious movie, so enjoy!


Now for the fun movie! I was searching through Netflix this week and found a really great movie that is not new by any means! You’ve probably already seen it, but a really good rated R romantic comedy is Sleeping With Other People! So Lainey (Alison Brie) is looking to lose her virginity to a really hot and intelligent guy in college, and she ends up meeting Jake (Jason Sudeikis) instead. She loses it to him, and then it switches to being a couple years later when they bump into each other again. They hit it off, decide to be best friends instead of dating and  help each other in the dating scene. Jake is trying to stop his serial cheating habits, while Lainey is still hooked on this man she originally wanted to lose her virginity too (Adam Scott). This movie is hilarious. There’s a lot of back and forth humour between the cast, and there’s even an appearance of Adam Brody which is never terrible!

Well, I hope these suggestions help if you’re looking for something new to enjoy! If you have any suggestions or want a review done of any books or movies, let us know in the comments! Hope you have a relaxing and fun weekend!

– Erin


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