Sunday Night Vibes

It’s the end of the weekend, but the fun doesn’t half to stop! It’s late Sunday night and I’m writing this post in bed listening to Frank Ocean’s “Blond” album, and since all week I’ve been obsessing over this album I thought why not make some internet space to rave about how great it is.

First, I didn’t stumble upon this myself, my boyfriend showed it to me on one of our trips to Jasper (10/10 recommend listening to this album while driving through the mountains). It came out last year, so I’m sure you’ve already heard all the hype (and probably listened to a few tracks yourself). We listened to this album on repeat anywhere from the car, to eating dinner while listening and watching the International Space Station live stream.

I’m very skeptical of all the albums my partner shows me (the majority are trap music), but this album is just full of chill vibes and sweet tunes.

Aside from the album, which is amazing, the cover art is super minimal and kind of hilarious (the album is called “blond” but he has green hair on the cover). Also Frank Ocean is a super cutie! (not that that makes the music any better or anything, but yknow it helps).


Ok moving on to my top tracks!

  1. Nikes – the first track is so catchy, and who can’t relate to wanting to fit in with the cool kids.
  2. Ivy – second track on the album, coming out swinging Frank Ocean it’s a killer!
  3. Pink + White

Seriously give this album a listen – got a lazy afternoon? Whack this on. At the gym? Get a little Frank to get you through.

Catch the wave and get lost in the Ocean.

That’s all for now



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