We Have Always Lived in the Castle

Hey Readers!

It’s Lit Thursday! Hope you are having an awesome week so far! I finished a very good book this week that I wanted to talk a bit about! The book is called We’ve Always Lived in the Castle written by Shirley Jackson. I’m on goodreads and have about 4 friends on there who recommend books for me to read, and this time my brother recommended this book to me! Also, if you have a goodreads account, feel free to add me, because I would love to add you back and have even more people recommend books to me! Maybe even I can recommend one back!

This book is 145 pages of pure enjoyment. With their Uncle Julian, Merricat and Constance hide away in the castle from the rest of the world around them as Constance has been acquitted of murder. Before they’re sheltered life, there were 7 other Blackwood family members, but after a mishap with a bowl of sugar, they died, leaving the three to hide away in the family castle. Even though the charges were dropped, the rest of town have not forgotten and still taunt Merricat and Constance and create ghost stories around the Blackwood’s deaths. Everything changes when their cousin Charles comes to town, and Merricat is forced to protect Constance from him.

The book is very cool and feels very dark and supernatural. When I read it, all I could think was that this would be an AMAZING Tim Burton cartoon movie. SO Tim Burton, if you are reading this please make this into a movie! I imagined all the characters to look like his, and the house to be this cool gothic castle!

This is basically how I imagine the castle!

Anyways, enjoy the book! Let me know if there’s any you think Kathleen and I should read and if there’s anything at all you want us to talk more about on our blog!


– Erin


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