Body Image and Starting a Gym Routine

Hi Lovely Readers!

Happy Monday! I hope that you are finally home, putting your feet up, and drinking a glass of wine… or a bottle if that’s the kind of day you had! For this motivation monday, I wanted to talk a bit about body image and how to get yourself gym motivated.

First off, I wanted to say that I get how it is to look in the mirror and hate yourself. I was once a girl who had a 6- pack and played 3 different sports, and now I feel like I barely have any energy between working three jobs and going to school. I eat at terrible times, and I never make it to the gym. It’s all because my day, has no set routine. I hated my body for so long, and it’s easy to when everyone else treats you like how you feel. I went to the doctors and she told me I’m fat and went on about it for the whole time and the entire time I was obviously pissed and shut down. Other people have told me too, I guess just in case I was unaware? People treat me like I’m less pretty or that I’m lazy, and it feels awful when that happens. But you know what? Fuck them! They don’t know my situation and if they’re judging me on my looks then are they really worth the time? I’ve learned to accept my body. I want to lose weight, but for me- not for the jerks out there.

My motivation comes from a few things. For one, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes all run through my family. My grandpa, and his siblings all passed away from various cancers (not from weight problems), my other grandpa died from heart disease and his wife, my grandma, has had multiple surgeries, and both sides have had diabetes run through the family tree. You get the picture. My family has had issues, and I don’t want to have those same health issues. In addition, I have been very sick lately. I won’t go into detail, but clearly some specific food is not working for my system, so this is just another motivating factor.

I have started a routine again, and I will tell you that what’s working for me is having someone to go to the gym with. I have a gym in my basement, but yet I feel that I HAVE to go to the gym. I will never find motivation to workout at home until I am on a consistent routine. There’s also too many distractions here (AKA my dogs will come barging in on my workout and try to give me kisses while I’m in the middle of a plank or on a treadmill which I can’t have running while they’re there). In addition, having a friend to go with, has been a huge deal. She has been able to convince me when I don’t feel like going, and I can convince to go as well! We make a good team.

Anyways, I hope this was helpful in some way! Don’t let others tear you down, and remember to spread the love!



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