Dealing with Stress

Hey guys,

This past week has been super rough and stressful. It’s been one of those weeks where I’ve been freaking out about jobs, money, my future, and so much more. It’s sometimes hard to shut your brain off and just relax for a minute. I really hope you didn’t have a super rough week like I did, but if you did I have some suggestions on how to relax and how to turn your weekend around. This weekend took me a whole weekend to feel better and ready for the next week, so I’ll take you through my days to show you what I did to feel better.

  1. First off you did it! You got through that horrible week! Now, take a night off. Seriously do this. I have a very hard time just taking a night off and not doing anything. I’ve gone through years of school where I’ve learned to multitask to the point where I cannot just sit there and only watch a movie. I’m always working on something or researching jobs or schools, and for me that just makes me more anxious. So take a night of. Pour yourself a glass of wine or some beverage. Sit down, put your feet up and relax. Watch a movie, have a bath, read, do your nails, etc. Just let your mind relax for an evening. This was my Friday and it was lovely! I put my phone away and just took the night off from all social media and everything else.
  2. Saturday I kept busy all day. After I let my mind relax and took a night off, I did the exact opposite of Friday evening. I started working on different, but fun tasks! I love art, I could draw, colour, and make things for days. Saturday I spent the day creating and having fun. I had to make a sculpture for a comicon costume (This article is soon to come!) and I spent most of the day focusing on that. I just did my art and let my mind wander and it was amazing. I was also listening to a podcast the other day (Anna Faris’s Unqualified- amazing go listen!), and the guest speaker said to get over a break up, get busy and learn something new, she had taken a pottery class and learned a new skill! I think this is super important to do if you want to relax. Pick up a new hobby, learn something new and make that your thing for a while to distract you from the stressors. Like I said, I was making costumes and what not, but I also like to draw, working out helps, writing super helps. Another couple projects I’ve done is working on a recipe book with all my successful, (when they do happen) Pinterest and other recipes, and I’m also redoing all of my photo albums. I’ve made them look better, added history notes to sculptures, artwork, places I saw, and just adding in my travel journal notes to show what the overall experience was (Maybe I’ll do an article on this when I’m done). Also, I did just start a bullet journal to keep track on various things in my life. Any of these little projects keep me busy and focused on something else for a while. It can be anything: baking and cooking, art, whatever you love to do!
  3. Today, Sunday, I went to a restorative yoga class to finish off the weekend. This class focuses only on simple stretches, and is for dealing with stress. You spend the class meditating and the teacher is constantly reminding you to let your mind go blank and to not think about anything. The class is early enough in the day that I still have half a day to get stuff done, and I always leave feeling so zen. I definitely do all my cleaning and weekly catching up in a super dreamy state, so ya definitely give it a try! If you want something more physical, there are plenty of other yoga classes that still take time at the end to refresh your mind. I love the hot yoga’s, because I feel like I’ve sweated out all the toxins in my body after I’ve gone.

After this weekend, I definitely feel prepared for the week. If you can’t spend a whole weekend doing this, I get it. I was a student, I feel ya. I really do recommend taking at least one night off of studying or work just to refresh your mind. Your mind and body both deserve a break once and a while so treat yourself! If your in school it helps to set a time limit on studying. My brother and I used to go to the library for the last three hours. We would spend three hours studying and doing work and then when the library closed we would be done and would have to leave. That definitely helped. If you’re writing a paper or have a due date for the next day- Godspeed my friend, its almost over.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have suggestions on how to relax!



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