Well Hello Everyone! Travel Tuesday, back at it again (with the white vans). Today I’d like to talk about a website that facilitates travel – Airbnb. I’m sure most of you have heard of this website before, but for those who haven’t, this is a place where people can go to advertise places (or rooms) they would like to rent out. They choose the price of their place (which is generally a lot cheaper than standard hotels). I have used this many many times travelling (including my big road trip last year, and Erin and my Italy trip!) and I planned all of my family’s upcoming Portugal accommodations with it!

There are a few things you should know – first as I stated before, this is a place for people to rent out their own places, so that means that you can get everything from someone’s own privately owned cabin that you can rent the entire place, to an extra room in someone’s apartment/house. So you don’t always have access to your own personal bathroom and you are usually LIVING in someone’s actual home, so treat it with respect yo! Secondly, because these places (and people) are local, it can be kind of – unique – to check in. People don’t always speak English (if you’re travelling in non English countries), and they are usually at work (or living their lives) so you have to coordinate checking in.

I stayed Airbnb with my friend in New York, and the place was amazing! We rented a standard room in a lady’s apartment that we shared with her, her two sons, and her daughter. There was one bathroom but we never ran into each other! When we checked in we had to find some place to park, but parking in New York is literal hell. It took my friend and I an hour driving around the same block until we could find a place to park. See? It works out, but you have to be open to letting it work!


(The plus one in one of our places in Sault St. Marie!)

Erin and I only rented private rooms in Italy (as opposed to entire apartments), and all of our hosts were awesome!


One thing about Airbnb that I really enjoy is the rating system, at the end of the stay you get to rate the host and they get to rate you! This keeps both parties accountable because the reviews are public. If the host jerked you around or wasn’t honest about the room etc. you can leave a public review. This works the same for you, if you were loud and hosted parties and left a huge mess, then they can call you out for it and people are less likely to accept you as a guest!

All in all I love Airbnb! You can get the best stories out of these accomodations and save some money!


That’s all for now! Happy travelling!


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