The Girls

Hello Everyone! Coming in right under the wire is another Lit Thursday! Today I’d like to talk about a novel that really grabbed my attention The Girls 

Emma Cline’s novel The Girls follows a fourteen-year-old girl named Evie through her summer in a quiet town; her mother and father are divorced and her mother has started dating again. As many young girls at her age, she is obsessed with how the outside world perceives her, until she runs into an older girl named Suzanne who has no care for outside opinions. Evie begins to hangout with Suzanne who brings her back to the commune that she and many other girls share with their leader Russell. Cline writes the commune as a Charles Manson style cult, with the climax of the story culminating in a group of murders that Evie is excluded from because they deem her too young.

As a reader, and especially a female reader, it is easy to recognize the emotions that young Evie is feeling. Evie wants to, often painfully, please those around her and when they show her attention she easily obeys any request they ask because she feels noticed and special. Evie’s readiness to please makes her an easy target for the cult to take advantage of her and her mother’s money. It is not until Cline flashes forward to older Evie interacting with Sasha (a young girl) that the reader fully understands how much Evie’s behavior is causing her to fall deeper into the cult. It is in these moments with older Evie that the reader has time to relax after the tense younger years and reflex on the actions of the narrator.

This book really got to me, and I had such a hard time putting it down! Definitely worth a read if you like fiction and suspense!

Happy Reading!



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