Family Time

Happy Easter Weekend Everyone!

Welcome back, and today I thought we would talk about something that probably lots of us are experiencing this weekend… the family meal. Now I know for some people whose families completely disagree with their life choices, family meals are hell. I have no experience with that level, but if you would like to leave a comment down below on some tips for those, it is very welcomed!

I’m talking about that awkward family dinner where your relatives ask you all about what you’re doing with your life, and you really have no idea. I usually try and deflect onto “i’m taking some time for myself” type of attitude. The worst is giving them no answer, by just avoiding the topic it will make for a much more awkward conversation. Focus on a hobby that you really love, or an exercise that you’ve been doing recently and that should get them off your back (at least for a bit).

For me, family meals like this have always been focused on why are you single still, what can you do with your degree, what are you going to do? To which I always say I’m single because I’m trying to find myself (very true), I can use my degree in Europe but I need to find something for when I’m at home, and I’m not sure what I’m going to do, I am busy job shadowing trying to find out how. These answers aren’t terrible because sometimes people are able to give me advice on different job ideas. The key is that almost everyone goes through a period where they are trying to find their niche, so remember that when you’re talking to family. They’ll get you and maybe they can be of some help!

Second awkward aspect of family dinners are the awkward silences. The very long pauses where you think “we’re all family, how is there just silence right now”. In these moments I try and connect with my brother (we don’t live in the same household), so it is easy for me ask him about some aspect of his life. Grandparents and parents are usually interested in the younger people anyways so this can usually spark a conversation and take it from there!

I usually end up doing the same as Kathleen in these situations. My brother is super social and outgoing, so if I don’t have something to say he usually does. I also try to ask as many questions as possible to whoever is around me, and now that my team is in the playoffs for hockey I always use that as my safety net to talk about! Go Oilers Go!

Kathleen and Erin


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