Motion Sickness Drama

Hey Lovely Readers! Happy Easter!

I hope you ate tons of food and had a good family meal with family! If you are like me, then you had to travel to visit family (8 hours) and spent four days talking and enjoying the company of your family. We had a ton of fun, and I was able to visit family I only get to see twice a year. If you’re anything like me, then the drive was super annoying. I can’t do anything in the car without getting motion sickness, so I usually have to talk or sleep. There is no other options. Do not worry though, I can get you through this process. Here’s a list of things you can do that will not make you car sick:

1) Have long, deep chats with the driver! I love driving with my mom, because we talk for the whole 8 hours. We put on some good tunes and talk for days. We rant about work, about people who are driving us crazy, and I definitely talk about my worries for the future and she reassures me. It’s always lovely and I feel refreshed, more confident, and my outlook changes

2) Download some Audiobooks! I think audiobooks are super underrated. They are hilarious. If you get a really good person reading the book, they will act out the characters, which is the best part. My favourite is obviously any of the Harry Potters read by Jim Dale. He acts out every character and really makes it interesting. I also have enjoyed listening to Amityville Horror read by Jay Anson. This is creepy. He sounds like he’s reading off a news report, which makes it extra creepy. I’ve also heard the Stephen King books are very good (especially It), Planet of the Apes and Psycho! You’re pretty much safe with the classics! These are great, because sometimes you get tired of listening to the same songs on repeat, so it’s a good switch! Plus it makes the trip go by fast when you’re listening to a whole story. These you can download off the site Hoopla if you have a library card its free! If you don’t have a library card- consider getting one! This year my library card is free! I also can get recent movies, books without spending money, and different sites like this are great for audiobooks and movies! My library is very good for having audiobooks, so that is where we tend to go rent them! Also, you can buy them on itunes and all that jazz

3) Podcast it up. My favourite thing right now is podcasts. I listen to podcasts all the time. I am currently binge listening to Unqualified by Ana Farris and Sim Sarna. Every episode they have a celebrity guest and talk about relationship advice. I find it super helpful when I’m in a serious mood worrying about this stuff, but also super hilarious. They do a lot of improv and rapid fire questions. They also started a segment where the guest has to bring the weirdest thing in their house. It’s always funny and the guests are amazing. Chris Evans, TJ Miller, Ellen Page, and so many more amazing celebrities have appeared on the show. I love it. Some other really great ones are In The Dark, a crime story of the Jacob Wetterling case. It is a great podcast that goes through the entire case and on how the case could have gone way better. Another great one is Serial, which again goes over a couple of different cases trying to decide whether the accused is really at fault. History of Rome is great for you history buffs, StarTalk for the science nerds like me, and my brother recently had me listen to Planet Money. My best friend also recommended The Town, which I believe is another crime podcast! These are all so amazing and I get very into each episode to the point where the time in the car doesn’t feel so long.

I hope these suggestions help for your car sickness issues, or if you’re just looking for new podcasts and audiobook suggestions, or even need to just kill some time! If you have any podcast or audiobook suggestions let me know! I would love the suggestions!

– Erin


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