On the Hunt

Oh Monday’s – Looks like we’re back at it again, hope you all had a great Easter Weekend, that it was relaxing and you got to spend time with your family. For Motivational Monday I’d like to talk about job-hunting, which I’m sure is all of our favourite activities.

As you know I just finished my degree and I am not working in my field. I have been having a super hard time motivating myself to redo my resume and apply for jobs. I feel like every time I redo my resume I look it over at the end and think, “wow this looks so shitty” and I end up redoing it again.

I have also been having a hard time thinking that I am qualified for jobs I want to apply to. I will read over the qualifications and all I can see is how unqualified I am for the position. On top of that all of these jobs also require a cover letter, meaning that the actual effort of writing a cover letter for a job I don’t think I’m qualified for is enough to deter me.

I finally got in the mood to start applying to jobs this past week. I found one that I was actually super qualified for, I had a good-looking resume and I was starting to type up my cover letter. “Great!” I thought “A Copyeditor position that fits my Copyeditor experience”. Halfway through writing the cover letter I realize that the job positing is for a Copywriter not a copyeditor, they are very different, and I have no experience as a copywriter.

Needless to say I’m having a bit of a rough Monday, but I’m putting myself in a good headspace and pushing through!

Happy Monday to the rest of you!



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