The Secret of Raven Point

Hey Dear Readers!

Today is Lit Thursday! I’ve got a good book to share with you that you might like! I went a different direction this week and chose to talk about a historical fiction, more so fiction, novel. Its called the Secret of Raven Point written by Jennifer Vanderbes.

Secret of Raven Point is about a high school girl named Juliet Dufresne who strives to make a scientific discovery. She gets good grades and lives with her loving family. Juliet is very close to her brother. When her brother leaves to serve in WW2 and disappears, Juliet enlists as a nurse and serves in the army to find him. The novel describes the trauma that Juliet faces on the front and the chaos that comes with working in a field hospital.

I loved the novel. It had everything I love to read about. For one, I had never heard this side of war before. A female perspective of war, and also the medical aspect of war. We rarely see this side of war, so it was insane to read about the surgeries, and the fine details of working in a field hospital. Secondly, there is a romance, so that is always lovely! Need I say more?


I highly recommend this book, and I passed it around to all my friends and family to read! They all agreed with me. However, I will say this. DON’T READ THE EPILOGUE. It is the worst as most epilogues are. I think it’s best if we all pretend it doesn’t exist!

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any other recommendations or reviews!

– Erin


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