Spice Up Your Life

Hey Readers!

Happy Sunday! Hope you had a relaxing weekend and are super pumped and ready for the next week! I wanted to talk today about Girl Power!

I am the type of person who is a people pleaser. I want people to like me and to not be mad at me. Sometimes I go above and beyond to make sure that they aren’t mad at me and I always have this weird fear in my head that my close friends are at times, when really they’re not. It’s an irrational fear. That being said, I’ve gone through hell with friends. Girls have treated me like garbage growing up and I know that I’ve been equally bad too! I remember this one time in school, these girls were bullying this one individual and they wouldn’t let her hang out with us. I wanted my friends to like me, so I was mean to her too. The very next year, that same group of girls let her in then kicked me out of the group and mad me feel like garbage. I deserved it. However, the point of this story is why do girls have to do that? Why do we have to tear each other down? Wouldn’t we all be happier if we’d all just been friends and not had that drama?

Girls have called me terrible names. I’ve been called all the swears in the book. One girl informed me that no one liked me because I brag too much. Another kindly let me know that I was gaining weight by saying that in a lovely tone (seeping with sarcasm here). Girls are constantly tearing each other down. Kicking us out of each others friend groups, making each other feel unworthy, calling each other names. Every girl is guilty of doing it at some point, and my question is why? We can do better! We are better than that! The amount of close friends I went through in high school who then either ditched me or I ditched them was insane. The only reason why I didn’t go completely crazy was because of ringette. With ringette, we all got a long and supported each other and it was great. However, now those girls aren’t even my friends anymore really. Most of them moved on and now have a special elite ringette team they’ve created together. So fun. My defence partner for many years is probably the only one I will always have some sort of a connection too.

Where does this come from? This stereotype is supported in movies and books! Girls constantly fight over a man, or they betray each other to get one up of someone. I watched a movie the other day where the girl’s best friend slept with her boyfriend. In another of my favourite movies (Drive Me Crazy- a great 90s movie), the main character’s best girl friend made out with the guy she was falling for and then went to the dance with the guy she had originally intended to go with. This “Best Friend” had only done that because she was jealous of the main character. She never actually liked either guy! Why can’t girls have better role models? Is that why we cling onto girl groups? Because they finally show us true friendship? Spice girls, Sailor Moon gang, etc- they are the slim role model girl group.

I’ve also had AMAZING friends! Most I’ve met later on in life, but one I met in Jr. high and we’re stuck with each other now! Mel is my best friend who just gets me. She just knows where I’m coming from all the time, is an amazing listener, and tells me when I’m in the wrong. She supports me and I think more girls need to be like her- just caring and understanding. The loyalty and dedication we have to each other is incredible and honestly, if all girls treated each other this way the world would be a happier place. She is forever my person, forever my rock. Best friends forever.14484890_10154760233335695_3883196831918714217_n.jpg

Another amazing girl from my friend group is Tayten! A girl who values our friendship and someone that has been through the worst in life and still manages to listen to my petty and dumb problems. She is an amazing friend who understands me. We support each other through the good and bad. She sees the good in everything and we have a lot of fun no matter what.11059843_10153572709810695_6664827075264838791_n.jpg

The third girl I can trust with anything is the girl I’m running this blog with! She’s an amazing person whose figuring out where she fits in, in this world, and we’re here to support each other through thick and thin!16388038_10155226902115695_7513277964436351494_n.jpg

I also have an amazing family of girls. Sheila is someone I share a lot in common with, who helps me see the good in a lot of things, and even though has moved- our friendship still feels strong. My sister too. We may fight but the bond will always be there.11949505_10153729496715695_3588626127030097789_n.jpg

With these girls by my side supporting me, I have faith for the future. We need to stop making each other feel bad about petty things and just be there to bring each other up! No more destroying friendships over jealousy and competition! Lets support each other and love each other girls! See what happens when girls support girls?! Only the best things!

Before I close, I just wanted to say that for any girl I left out in my past, or maybe I continue to, I’m sorry. Any girl I was mean to, called names, talked about behind their backs I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything I did and if I could go back and teach myself the stuff I know now, I would. For the other girls, the mean girls- I forgive you. It’s taken me a long time to get over certain things, my feelings were hurt, but now that I’ve written this I already feel better and it feels forgotten. I forgive you, and I hope people I hurt can forgive me too. But enough of that. Lets all just be better towards each other! Lets be kinder! Girls, lets support each other! Lets try to be better!

– Erin


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