The Lizzie Borden Chronicles

Hey Dear Readers!

Happy Friday! I hope you had an excellent week and are out celebrating having a good night! Or relaxing if you’re feeling wiped after a long week! We save Fridays to talk about films and to give recommendations on what to watch. Yesterday, my sister and I happened to finish a new series! Yuuupppp I binge watched the crap out of it as per usual and it was the Lizzie Borden Chronicles!

I was at a girl’s night with my work friends one night and one of the girls loves the same kinds of shows as me and she recommended it to me! Of course that party was only a couple weeks ago and I already finished it in that time span (shame on me!).

The Lizzie Borden Chronicles is based on a true story about a famous woman in the states who was accused of murdering her father and stepmother with an axe in 1982. Because women were considered to be inferior to men, a lot of women during this era were acquitted of murder. In a trial, men would argue that a woman could not murder or hurt the victim, because women were too weak and frail to do anything like that. So, Lizzie Borden was acquitted for both murders and resided in the home where the murders occurred with her sister. They became quite wealthy after getting the money for the death of their father and stepmother and lived out their days being taunted and exiled from the neighbours who believed that Lizzie was the murderer. The murder is an unsolved mystery because of the lack of forensic evidence, so we will never know whether Lizzie did commit the murders or not.Lizzie_borden.jpg

The 8 episode series takes a darker turn by showing a dark Lizzie Borden (played by the extraordinary Christina Ricci!) who has a love for killing those who do not side with her.You will love and hate her! The story is loosely based on the original story, but goes over multiple deaths. A detective comes to town to prove that Lizzie did kill her father and begins to realize that she is connected to the rest of the deaths around town. This is where I’m ending it! I am TERRIBLE for spoilers, you can ask anyone and they will tell you this! However, I am leaving the trailer in case you need more information.

It is on Netflix, so give it a watch! If you don’t have Netflix, it is definitely worth streaming it! Let us know what you think and if you want us to watch something and review it in the future!



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