Monday Feels

Hey Readers!

Happy Monday! To start the week, we normally talk about motivation to help us get through the week! I wanted to briefly talk about that post uni life and getting the motivation to do things.

Basically, since I’ve finished school I’ve been at a stand still with my life. I work part time, but I barely work because I’m not sure what I want to do! I don’t want to commit to anything without knowing what I want to do. Plus, in these next few weeks I will be going on vacation for a week, so I didn’t want to get a full time job and then have to leave on vacation. Also, I bought the flights already, so what if I didn’t get approved for vacation, etc, etc. So, the first week I got home, I did nothing. I was so bored. I had no idea what to do, and it was frustrating. I’m trying to book as many shifts as possible with my job, but there’s just no shifts. So, I finally decided to do something about it.

I have been waking up (or at least trying to) around 9 am every day. I want to spend my day doing something and not sleeping all day. If you sleep all day, you may find yourself feeling like your wasting your days sleeping, which is how I felt.

Next, try working out or doing something active. I’m still working on committing to this more, but walking your dog in the morning or working out may help to. Just keep your mind and body busy. You’ll feel better physically, and mentally you’ll feel like you’re working towards something. Also, below are pictures of my dogs, so you can see how cute they are! I’ve been waiting since forever to post pictures of them!

Here’s Jake!


My Maggie May!

Another thing to do is start spring cleaning. I’ve been spending most of my days cleaning and going through my parents house, helping out. I feel like I’m helping them, and that way they feel like I’m trying. They don’t want me to sit around all day, being depressed, overthinking everything. At least this way, they can feel reassured. Also, I live at home currently, it’s different. If you’re in your own place choose something to spring clean! We all have that one closet or room that just feels overwhelming cluttered. I recently did my closet and threw a TON of things out and it was beyond cleansing.

If you feel like you’re already done that, and you need something else, I recommend start a bullet journal. Kathleen had started one a while ago, and that got me wanting to get back into it! A bullet journal can track anything you want. I can’t speak for Kathleen, but I literally track everything. I take photos of fun things I’ve done, then review them in my bullet journal and write nice notes about them. It makes me feel like I’m trying to find something I love and working towards it! I track my health, and fitness levels to see how much progress I’m making. I track my moods, because I’ve been so emotional since I’ve been done school. This way I can make sure I have more good days then bad. You can get really creative with it too! I bought a bunch of crafting tape and used stamps, stickers and colored pens on each day! Also, all of my ideas are from Pinterest, so none of these ideas of pages are original and all can be found on there! Some people have some really great ideas, and it’s up to you on what you want to track! I only posted pictures of the pages I haven’t used, so you can see what it’s like!

Here’s My Mood Tracker (lol I realized I still have to color it!
An idea for a Meal Tracker and Shopping List
A List of Teas to Drink Based on How You Feel!

I’ve also done a couple other things that I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about before! I’ve started a recipe book, collecting recipes I really love. Also, I have started to go through old travel photos, researching what I saw and writing the story behind each thing I did see! It’s been a ton of fun and an excuse to go through my old travel journals. I will DEFINITELY show you the finished products of one of my trips in the future! I have a long way to go.

I guess my thing to say is, with this spare time, do things you love! Apply for jobs whenever you can, but don’t let bad days get you down! Don’t feel bad for not having anything to do! Jam pack your day with trying new things or doing things you love! In the end, you won’t regret taking this time off to find yourself! This way you can also take the evening off without feeling any regrets. It feels like you’ve been working towards something all day, and deserve that evening off!



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