But First, Tea

Hey Lovely Readers!

Happy Hump Day! Hope your week is going well! Today is What I Ate Wednesday, and today I didn’t really go out to eat surprisingly! I’m currently saving for trips, which I’m going to a comicon this weekend and soon Vancouver (so excited!), so I’ll definitely have better stories to share after this weekend!

For my meals today, I drank a ton of tea. I don’t know about you guys, but I absolutely love tea. I could live off it. If I’m not drinking tea, I’m usually drinking Starbucks. Every night my family has a cup of tea. After dinner, we sit and watch TV and drink our tea together chatting it up. It’s just something unique that we do so we can chat about our day. It’s lovely, and it also doesn’t matter what the temperature is when we drink it! We always have it! Sometimes in summer, my dad will make a cold green tea, which is also very good! He’ll put a couple bags of green tea, then put lemons, mint, ice, and you can definitely add lemonade if you prefer yours to be sweet!

Usually, my family has Earl Grey Tea, so we don’t really branch out then. However I definitely drink various teas throughout the day. I am a lover of David’s Teas. I love the various kinds and mixtures you can get! One of my favorites is the Forever Nuts tea. It is an infusion of almonds, apple and cinnamon, and turns a really pretty pink when it’s infused. When you smell it, it smells really strong of cinnamon, but actually it has a really sweet taste. I personally think it tastes like cookies, which is a brilliant idea for a tea. The other sweet tea I normally drink is the Organic Blueberry Jam! This is a black tea with black currents, blue berries, elderberries, cornflower petals, and stevia petals.

Another one of my favorites is the North African mint tea from David’s Teas. This one is a green tea mixed with ginger, peppermint, cardamom, and licorice! I try to drink this one as often as I can, because it is a green tea which is very good for your metabolism, and the mint is awesome for your digestive system! It’s a tasty way to be healthy (or attempt to in my case)!

I also recommend the Cold 911 and the Organic Skinny for days you’re not feeling well! These are definitely my go tos. I usually drink the Cold 911 when I have a cold and my nose is plugged and I just don’t wanna. It is more of a mint tea. The Organic Skinny is an oolong tea with pu’erh, ginger, and eleuthero root. It is definitely recommended for days you have a stomach ache.

Tonight, I tried the Birthday cake tea for the first time. It was surprisingly good! It has green and red roobios, honeybush, and sprinkles. Definitely a good desert tea, and very tasty! Also, it did smell like birthday cake- it did not let me down!

This is David’s Teas Top 12 Teas. I got this for Christmas and it is a great way to try new teas out!

Moving away from David’s Teas, I have found one really good place to find tea at my local farmers market! Unfortunately I haven’t seen her since, but she had some great teas too. There was one she made called a yoga tea, that was more of a peppermint tea that was very soothing before bed, and another was a mint hot chocolate tea! Very different, but it did taste minty and a little chocolately. Another one she made was called the Duke of Cambridge and it had coffee beans in it, strange but still tasty! If anyone knows of any other place that has great loose teas let me know! I’m always interested!

Also, I would like to say that my travel mug  (I mean my mom’s that I stole) is from David’s Teas, and it changes color when it’s hot. I love it!



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