13 Reasons Why and The 100

Hey Readers!

I hope you had a good Friday and are ready for a weekend off! Today is film friday, and there is definitely a couple shows I wanted to talk about in particular! I was going to talk about 13 reasons why, but it’s already such a talked about show that I feel like most people have already seen it! If you haven’t, it is about a teenage girl who commits suicide. She goes back through her life to try to figure out why she felt her life was so terrible. She sends tape to the chosen thirteen who influenced her life. The show is heartbreaking as you go back with her to reveal all the terrible times she had throughout school, and surprisingly you can relate to it at times with the bullying and the gossip around the school. I have seen lots of posts that say that this sensationalizes suicide. I don’t agree with this although I can 100% see where critics are coming from. For me, I think that it is not necessarily for people who have suicidal thoughts. It’s explaining why she did it. It’s very good at showing how bullying, sexual assault, and a fight with a friend can have a huge effect on an individual. I also liked that it talked about the bullies and other people too. It shows that everyone is going through something in there life, and that we should be kind to one another. It was a good show and I enjoyed it although it was really sad!


Another show I really like is the 100. This is filmed out in Vancouver and it was one of the first shows that Kathleen and I really bonded on. As we continue watching, we both feel like the characters in the show are hard to watch, but overall the story line is very good. I definitely love the first couple seasons. In the show, earth is no longer survivable, so a group lives in space while the earth heals. The ship starts to deteriorate, so they send a group of criminal teens (the most expendable) to earth to see if they can survive and if they can move their community from space back to earth. The show starts off with their ability to survive.

Both shows are very good shows, but they are both teen series. If you are ok with that then you will most likely enjoy them both!

– Erin


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