The (not so) Fiery Cross

Hi everyone! Lit Thursday, and I am here to review another book for you!

*Attention this review is a review of book 5 of the Outlander Series, spoilers ahead*

Ok I warned you! Still with me? Ok, Let’s get into this.

So a couple weeks ago I made a blog post raving about the Outlander series, however I am going to make an amendment to my previous raving. I’m on book five now (aka “The Fiery Cross”), and I’m more than halfway through and there has NOT been a major plot point yet. I didn’t realize how frustrating reading a book about nothing would be, until I’m reading all my favourite characters and none of them are progressing! Seriously the first 2-300 pages were spent in a field waiting for a wedding to happen THAT DIDN’T EVEN HAPPEN because surprise their Catholic and the Government is Protestant so their priest got captured.

I still love Gabaldon’s writing style, and the characters are still great characters, but it feels like this book is just a transitional period to get onto better things. I guess part of me understands, having gone through multiple time travels and lots of new character additions, however, all of the books seemed to have one major event that kicked them off.

Maybe part of the problem here is that Jamie and Claire are pretty settled down now, and they don’t really have a reason to go off on adventures like they used to.

Ok so seriously I’m 600 pages in and I’m debating putting it down, I have 3 other books that I would much rather read and since I’m going on vacation tomorrow I think they get precedence!

I absolutely hate putting down books, I will try to finish them no matter what for that sense of completion, but seriously where is the action? The found a baby and didn’t adopt it, they had to campaign for a war that got called off, page 632 and their at another wedding where the most exciting thing is the groom is impotent.

Please someone tell me this book gets better!

I hope you’re all reading something exciting!



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