Going Away

Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope you had an amazing weekend! For motivation Monday, I wanted to talk a bit about taking a break! I don’t know about everyone else, but these last two months have been CRAZY busy! I’ve definitely gotten my fair share of feeling overwhelmed! But I wanted to talk about taking a break. I think it’s something that we all forget to do.

I don’t just mean taking some time off and staying at home. I mean, take a break from your whole world- with, of course, the right group of people! Get out there and see the world and explore! Spend sometime away from home and the everyday routine! Break it up and have some adventure!

My trip I just got back from was only for a weekend, and it was amazing to even have that amount of time away! I got to leave with a group of friends and break my everyday, gloomy routine! I went hiking, went to a big event in the area, and really got to explore a place that I don’t usually get the chance to! Today going back to work, I feel tired. However, I feel refreshed at the same time! Like I really needed this! The feeling that I was dragging my butt through the weeks is gone, and replaced with a new, excited energy!

So, I recommend it! Get away, even just for a weekend! Take a break and either go with friends and family, or go exploring for yourself! Just make sure you get that time away, so you can come back into your life feeling even more refreshed and motivated!

Happy Monday!

– Erin


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