Guardians of the Galaxy and Drive Me Crazy

Hey guys!

Happy Friday! I hope you’re feeling relaxed after a long week of working! Today is my favorite day- film Friday! I have a couple recommendations that I hope you like!

First off, yes I went to Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2 last night! It was everything I hoped and dreamed it would be and I hope you feel the same! I loved the plot, the Guardians of the Galaxy take on Ego in this movie who has a dark secret. That’s as much as I will tell you because I don’t want to give anything away! The music was amazing- 80s rock, the best and it was hilarious. Also, baby Groot is adorable! So much love. You’re going to want to stay until the very last credit! There’s tons of stuff to see!

That was the obvious reaction I’m sure so I picked another show you might like! I don’t think I’ve talked about Drive Me Crazy ( if I have I’m so sorry), but this is a great 90s flashback romantic teen comedy! I’ve watched it four times I think ( I know I’m crazy). It’s about a girl, Nicole (Michelle Joan Hart) setting up this big school dance and the guy she’s had a thing for since forever falls for another girl. Meanwhile Chase (Adrian Grenier- yup Entourage) is having girlfriend problems. His girlfriend breaks up with him, because he’s not fighting for the cause basically. Chase and Nicole end up getting together to make each other’s partners jealous but instead fall for each other- insert teenage drama problems here. Anyways its a great flashback movie and I love it!

Hope you enjoy the recommendations!



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