Hey Guys!

Happy Sunday! This is the first post of today out of two! We were both busy yesterday, so instead of one post there will be two! The first one I wanted to talk about Comicon and how awesome it is!

I started going to Comicon for about three years now  with one of my best friends (this year being the third) and its been one of the best things I’ve ever attended! Every year our group dynamic changes and someone new ends up joining us! This is amazing because we constantly can change our costumes based on whose coming with us!

So, first I’ll kind of explain what it is and what happens! There’s three different things you can do at Comicon. For one, there’s shopping for very nerdy but VERY amazing items (I buy a lot of Pop figurines! and prints…. I have a problem). There’s usually booths with different games and systems, and different action figures and what not. But there’s always the artists corner too, which is by far my favorite! People make amazing things! In our last post I talked about book binding- I found out about that at comicon, there’s amazing prints (pictures people have created for characters, movie/ game posts), you can buy cooking aprons, books, stitched pillows (my cousin’s is danger pirates designs), and really anything you can think of! You can also attend panels. These are hour long (approx.) talks about anything nerdy (aka awesome). One year I attended, a paleontologist came and did a talk about if dinosaurs could be brought back, how they’re Jurassic Park would look. There’s spotlights on different actors and actresses from your favorite shows, there’s tons of panels on how to make cosplay, and on tons of different things! I love sitting down and listening to actors and actresses and gaming companies talk, and how they do what they do! It’s always a good break in the day, and they’re always great to listen too! You can also ask them questions about half way through the panel! Another thing to do is to take pictures with these celebrities! I love this! My friends and I usually shoot for at least 2 photo ops with someone, and last time four because there were more of us to split the cost! The cost on the picture remains the same for the max of four people that are allowed in the photo! You can also get autographs for people too. Definitely do this if you’re looking to talk to them more, in the photo ops there’s no time to talk, because so many people want photos with them- just keep that in mind when you go through.

Here’s some things I recommend if you’re planning on going:

  1. Buy tickets and photo ops ahead of time, also plan the photo ops for the beginning or the end of the day,  and never one after another. Basically, you don’t want to be standing in a lineup for 6 hours. For the last comicon, I booked it for when we got there, the next one for the end of the day so it was spread out and we could do some shopping in between!
  2. Get the app! We picked out panels ahead of time (the day before) and set timers on all of the panels so it would remind us when a panel was about to start! That way, you won’t miss any and you can pick and choose what you want to see in that moment!
  3. Start your day on the Friday (or Thursday in Calgary’s case) and end with a Saturday. The reason why I say this, is that Saturdays are the BUSIEST days! They are chaotic, especially if you don’t know where to go, or how it works! Friday is a good first day, because it’s still pretty dead and you can casually walk around, shop, and take your time and get to know the place! Definitely do more panels on Saturdays so you can get away from the crowd. I also find it more convenient to do all my shopping at once on Friday and then other stuff on the Saturday- that way I’m also not lugging bags around through crowds on the Saturday.
  4. If you’re driving leave snacks in your car, if not buy food as soon as possible. Don’t wait! Lineups are horrible, and there’s nothing worse than being hangry in a crowd of people!
  5. Don’t go out of your way to spend millions of dollars on costumes if you’re dressing up! By all means do it, if you’re making your costume, and are learning make cosplay, or you have a really great idea! But if you cannot afford it, don’t worry about it (this is more so what I’m saying). People appreciate a really good nostalgic costume. What my friend and I do is come up with a bunch of costume ideas, then we go to Value Village and pickup as much of the costume as possible! Then we end up making the props or whatever else we need! We’ve had some great costumes over the past three years, and seriously, people appreciate it! More people liked my made costumes than the one I spent $80 on.
  6. My last point, is this: Do NOT get upset when you get photo ops or signatures and cannot talk to the celebrity for very long! Remember this: That individual has an extremely hard day. I’m going to use Stan Lee as an example, because that guy is 94 and puts up with a lot! When I was at my last comicon, he spent three days doing autographs, photo ops and panels. On the saturday I met him, he had started his day off with 4 different photo op sessions (which is grueling, and him sitting on a hard chair for a couple hours), then he sat and did autographs for an hour or more, then he went to a panel and talked for over an hour, then he went back to photo ops and did more sessions of photo ops, and who knows what else! That is a long day of people and fans! He’s amazing for doing it and amazing for coming! I saw Jeremy Renner do a panel and talk for over an hour (with a hoarse voice from talking to so many people over the weekend) and the he had to go straight to a photo op, which we met him at! It’s a super long day, and seriously, everyone is doing their best. If you have a question make sure to hit the panel and stand in line to ask yours! Maybe you can say what you have to say then! This is just easy to do, and don’t worry I sometimes find myself thinking this and have to remind myself of this too.

Just remember to have a good time, and I hope you get to meet some of your heroes too! I’ve had a great time every year, and I can’t wait for the next one! Also, sorry not sorry for the photo spam. I have lots of good picture of people and costumes, but I don’t know the people, and don’t really have permission to share, so here’s some photo ops instead! These are also just some of the people I’ve met, I’ve also had photos with Billy Dee Williams (Lando from Star Wars), Carrie Fischer (Star Wars and other amazing movies) and Natalia Tena (Harry Potter- Tonks, and Game of Thrones). All of these people I’m so grateful to have met, and I mention just to extend my thanks for coming and taking the time to meet and get a photo with me! There’s so many more people that come, that I haven’t met and thanks to them as well for taking time out of their lives to visit!




Devon Murray- Harry Potter
Patrick Warburton- Seinfeld, Emperor’s New Groove, Family Guy, and way more
Jeremy Renner- Hawkeye, Arrival, The Bourne Legacy, and way more


Stan Lee.jpg
Stan Lee- do I have to explain



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