Antiquing and Farmers Market

Hey dear readers!

Today, I wanted to talk a bit about antiquing and farmers market! I love both of these so much! I love the idea of walking around and looking at all the different things that people can make, and on the antique side- I love that nostalgic feeling!

I’m obsessed with antiques, so I’ll start there! There’s this great place I go to called the Antique mall, and I search for days! There are a bunch of sections each person gets, and they build up there section however they want to! For instance, you’ll be walking down the hall and one person will have shelves and cabinets of old statues, phones, old hockey, baseball, and other sports cards. Another will have a vanity set, old perfume bottles,  toys, calendars of famous celebrities like Audrey Hepburn. Another section has games like crazy and various game systems! It’s the coolest place in the world!

I recently went there, and managed to stay away from the old records. They are addicting and you want them so bad! My sister couldn’t handle the amount of Marilyn Monroe items in there, and I think she managed to come out empty handed, but it was a close call. This time, I did buy an old game system for only $30! I bought a sega genesis (which usually sells for around $80 I think), and it came with one controller and a free game. I find that sometimes people don’t really know what they’re selling so you can sometimes get a pretty good deal (except n64, everyone knows that those games will sell for a high price). I find I just want everything in there! I want the furniture, the old fancy hats- the whole works! What I like about this one in particular, is that I’ll be walking through and I’ll see some of my old toys (I was born in 1993- come on!!). It can also be surprising and kind of weird but people collect- but still awesome!


I did another thing this weekend (People help me my spending budget is out of control)! I went to this really cool farmer’s market- The Royal Bison. As you’ve probably seen in my last post about Comicon, I love farmer’s markets and anything where people are selling out of booths basically! It’s awesome to see all the local businesses, and to buy from them! Seriously people- support your local businesses! Anyways, I went to this farmer’s market- described as indie, art, design and craftfair- and I was not going to get anything and clearly that did not happen! The stuff people make is way to cool for me not to spend money there! I bought a cocktail candle from one vendor (it smells like old fashion drinks), a necklace with a gem stone, best friend pins with my of course best friend, oils to help you sleep, and vegan cookies (Bloom- they are delicious!). My favorite purchase was a mug that said ” Calm the Fuck Down”. My family loves this, and now my grandma is getting one for her birthday (don’t worry, my grandma will absolutely love this and find it funny! She is constantly swearing- she’s me basically but 74). This one was a unique farmer’s market! I also love the outdoor ones, where you’re walking in the sun, buying veg from local farms. I recommend it! Go to your local farmer’s market and check it out! Here’s the farmer’s markets instagram if you want it! They showcase everything I bought basically, and I’ll do the same soon too on my own instagram!


Enjoy the rest of your day!


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