Getting some zzzs

Hey Lovely Readers!

Happy Monday! I am pretty sick today, and have to work this evening so the motivation feels are very much lacking! Thank god I’m going to Vancouver this week- the need to refresh is real (also any places to recommend in Vancouver would be fantastic!).

For motivation this week I wanted to talk about going out! This weekend I saw all of my friends and went out and stayed out until 2:00 am every single night for the last 3 or 4 nights! Now this was a great time, and I do not regret spending all my time with my friends, however, I am regretting the 2:00 am bedtime! But, this is not just a friend thing! I literally go to bed at that time almost every night. It is an extremely terrible habit, and I always end up regretting it. Usually it’s because I work evenings shifts at a hospital and I’m up extremely late, because sometimes you get hyped after a late shift, and your up all night.

Basically, I’ve realized that I need to change my ways. I read this thing online, that said the more sleep you get before midnight, the better. So, that’s my plan! I am going to try to get more sleep and go to bed at a normal time, so I can feel better the next day! I think my first step is to get off the phone at least an hour before bed. Maybe do some reading instead of tv or screens!  A better sleep will help me to feel more motivated!

Any tips and tricks to convincing yourself to go to bed early would be awesome! Here’s to an early night sleep…..tomorrow though!



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