Books, on Books, on Books

Hey you Lovely Readers!

Ok here’s another part of Thursdays post, because I’m a slacker- like I kind of said earlier! Don’t worry though, on this plane ride I’m pre-existing as many posts as possible so we won’t have that happen again! Yes, I finished a post while waiting to board the plane, and now I’m writing this as I’m on the plane! Its like you guys are here with me right now!

Ok, so for today’s late post, I am going to recommend a book to you, while eating my pretzels I was just given! I’ve actually been binge watching movies, so I haven’t had the chance to do much reading ( I did finally finish my book today, so I could start a new book on this trip). So let me think here…. Thinking….thinking… starring out the window distracted now…. Thinking…. Realizing these pretzels actually suck…. Eating then anyways… Ok! I’ve thought one out now! It’s a series and a movie which was directed by Tim Burton! It’s called Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs!

Now if you’ve seen the movie and think you don’t need to read the books, then you are so wrong I’m so sorry! As the statement on my carry on bag says “The Book Was Better” (this bag was a gift but I’m pretty sure it was from chapters)! Seriously I say this because the first 30 mins are the only similar parts to the book! On their own they’re each great, but I love the book story!

Here’s the concept! So Random Riggs borrowed/ found old black and white pics of people, places and things and wrote his whole story around these pictures! They dictate whose in it and where the stories going to go! He used the pictures to tell the story which are shown throughout the book! (Teachers my brother said he had to do this in school and loved it- maybe it’s a good idea for an English project!). I loved this concept, but also the characters, stories- it’s all just so unique!

Basically, Jacob’s grandfather died and Jacob starts seeing things- monsters- that no one else can see. His parents think he’s crazy and set him up with a therapist who thinks he should go to the place his grandfather was raised to get some closure (his grandfather had told him to go there on his death bed)- a small island in the UK. Instead of finding closure, Jacob comes across a group of kids who are peculiar and have strange abilities. They live in a repeating time loop in the WW2 era, the day before their house should explode from a bomb. They do not age and can visit the present through the opening of their loop with the help of Miss. Peregrine (without this loop they can be hunted down and killed for their peculiarness). While visiting, Miss Peregrine is kidnapped for a special purpose and they set out to find her by jumping through various time loops.


I hope you like this recommendation! Let me know what you think

– Erin


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