Classic ’80s

Hey Dear Readers!

As you can recall, yesterday I struggled with a book choice. I think I chose wisely in the end- Indiana Jones reference- you’re welcome- Moana reference. Ya based on my quotes, it’s because I’ve been binge watching a not so healthy amount of movies lately. I have a deep and special place for movies, shows and books- probably as you guys can relate to as well!

I love the different worlds you can be apart of and the characters. I just get sucked in to the story and I have to know what’s going to happen or how a character will react to a situation. I love it all! Movies area an escape from reality- which can be amazing and relaxing! I used to watch a lot during the school year, because they would calm me down. The amount of times, I’ve seen Harry Potter for instance. I would study to the series with my brother, or watch it before bed. Sometimes I would completely finish that series, and then just restart it all over again. I do the same with my other favourite series- like the usual star wars, lord of the rings, Jurassic park, and Indiana Jones (the other I constantly watch). I also usually have an 80s teen movie night, a marvel and DC night, and a Disney movie night. Like guys I’m crazy, and somehow I still have time for new movies and an insane amount of tv shows! My Netflix list to watch is super long too. This is why I normally do a double feature day when I post!

Today, I’m only going to do something else so this isn’t a long and obnoxiously long post and because I’m writing this post early and am almost in Vancouver! I think today I’ll give you a good pre- 90s movie list to watch for those days you feel like binge watching movies!

1) Lets be real, how can we have an 80s movie moment without 16 candles! We all love and are obsessed with Jake Ryan. The obvious first choice

2) The Breakfast Club- Again, obvious and absolutely amazing!

3) The Outsiders (extended version- yuupp there is one and it rocks)- My all time favourite movie!

4) Pretty in Pink, because we all love Ducky’s dance and we need as much Molly Ringwald as possible

5) St.Elmo’s Fire- This is more of an edge version, but has almost everyone from the breakfast club, and some from these other movies I’ve mentioned. It’s weird to see how in the breakfast club they all get together, and then in this they’re with different partners! It’s kind of weird, but still good!

6) Caddy Shack….. Enough said

7) Fast Times at Ridgemont High- a funny teenage situation and Sean Penn is fantastic OR/ AND Ferris Bueller’s Day off. Because ferris.

8) Can’t Buy Me Love- Love that young McDreamy situation before he became a doctor!

9) Say Anything- I actually did not LOVE this movie, but I still watch it all the time for young John Cusack, but if you’re looking for the one where he holds the stereo over his head for love, this is it!

10) Grease…. Because Grease. Wop baba lumop a wrap bam boom! (Is that how you even spell any of that!)

If you are wondering why I left a bunch of other good movies out like weird science or attack of the nerds, it’s actually because I’ve never seen them! Don’t worry I’m on it! Let me know if there’s anything else you think I should see! I’m also missing lots of stuff like the Goonies is amazing, Stand by me, footloose- so many more!

– Erin


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