Bad Days

Hey guys!

Happy Monday! My little cousin got me sick, so I feel those same Monday blues pains that you guys might have! But cheer up! It’s almost Tuesday! And that means, it’s almost Friday lol. I don’t actually want it to be Friday, cause I leave this Thursday, and I really would like to stay here forever.

Anyways, I want to talk a bit about having a bad day, and how to get a little pick me up to turn it around (however, if this bad day turns into more than one, seems never ending, and is extreme- PLEASE talk to someone about it, maybe there’s something else wrong!). We all have that bad day- things go wrong, the day drags on, someone pisses you off…… The list goes on. Here’s what I tend to do. My poor friends and family…. They get the brunt of it all the time. Bless their hearts. I rant and complain and talk about what happened. It feels so good to just let it out. If I have no one to talk to, because everyone’s busy, I write it out. My “journals” make me look insane. If anyone ever read them, they would assume that I’m an extremely angry or sad person. But they help! I can say whatever I want and they’re just for me! Sometimes I even realize I went to far or that maybe it was my fault.

If I’m sad, or angry, this can two different ways. Sometimes, I get Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream OR a bag of my favourite chips (I’m obsessed) and eat all the food while watching my favourite movie. I’ll even have a hot bath with nice smelling oils or a bath ball from lush (the Dragon Egg one is amazing). I’ll even go out before hand and buy bath stuff so I can use all brand new things and feel amazing! After, I do my nails, drink tea, and get set up for a great movie and some tasty snacks.

The other way this goes, is if it’s a really, really bad day. These days, I just need to cry. SO on these days, I go to my room, but on the saddest movie I own (I am Sam, Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, and Extremely Loud and Everything Close) and I sob to these kinds of movies! Afterwards, I feel better. I just had to let it out AND then I start my process to feel better.

These methods are important to have! No matter who you are, you’re going to have bad days. Sometimes you need a break to yourself! You’re mental health is extremely important! SO give yourself some you time, and check in with yourself regularly to make sure you’re feeling ok!

Also, the feature picture is of my dog to make you feel better!



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