Bang On

Hey Readers!

How’s it going?! I’m having a super fun time in Vancouver, job shadowing and visiting my cousins, and just hanging out! Today, we went shopping in downtown Vancouver in some of the outlets, which was super fun! We went to this one store, which I will just focus on for today, that I don’t think we have back home! It’s called Bang on! In the store we went to, they had a whole bunch of vintage clothes- which I loooovveee, and they also had custom shirts you could make!

I’m going to say this- they were not the super lame shirts that you get at some places. For instance, Forever 21 has some pretty amazing things there, but sometimes the shirts are complete garbage. Like I’ll pull something out thinking it looks nice and then it’ll say something like- I love hamburgers, and you’re just like whhhhyyyyy. One time I saw one that had the days of the week followed by emojis to describe them. What the fuck. Who is buying those and supporting their bad t-shirt decision making! However, I have bought amazing things there too!! Like my favourite jacket that I plan on featuring in this blog someday! Anyways…..

Bang on is super cool, and the stuff you can have made is very nice. You basically pick a picture from their stack of binders they have, choose a shirt, crop top, hoodie, whatever you’re feeling, and they just iron it on for you!

I got Bill Murray’s face (should have also gotten Betty White’s face- what was I thinking) and I got a Beyoncé shirt that has her face and then a bunch of bees (it took me a long time to get this- wtf Erin). They are amazing! So check them out! I will eventually post these on our Instagram (!

Thanks for listening to me ramble on about clothes! Happy Sunday!
– Erin


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