Curb Your Enthusiasm

Hey Dear Readers!

Alright Seinfeld fans! I have got the best recommendation for you! Although, you probably already know what the show is if you’re a Seinfeld fan!

Curb Your Enthusiasm is an AMAZING show starring Larry David- the creator of Seinfeld. It is essentially another show about nothing… like Seinfeld. This is what made Seinfeld so great, and it makes this show great! They both start an episode with an initial incident, then another is introduced for the main part of the show. You focus on this main part for a long time, then the initial incident comes back and ties in making it even more hilarious! Following?

The show is an amazing HBO show! Larry David is hilarious. He’s always fighting with someone and about weirdest things. In one episode, he went to a golf course and yelled at the weather guy for telling everyone the weather was bad so he could clear the golf course! There’s so many good moments, but here’s the season 8 trailer to give you a good idea!

Currently, I’m watching the new season of Master of None, so more on that later!




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