My Friend Dahmer- Derf Backderf

Hey Dear Readers!

Its Lit Thursday, which means I’m going to talk about a book! I actually had no idea what I was going to talk about until my friend reminded me of this comic book she loaned me- literally 5 minutes ago! We were actually talking about how the Jeffrey Dahmer show for Netflix based on this comic, and how it’s filmed in his house which is super creepy. Anyways, this comic is beyond creepy, I seriously loved and hated it! It was well done, I was just VERY creeped out by it!

My Friend Dahmer by Derf Backderf tells the story of growing up with Jeffrey Dahmer. Basically, he talks about a guy who was in his friend group, but not quite his friend. He describes the young Jeffrey Dahmer, who never fit in and lived an extremely private life. At the same time that he describes his own life, and what him and his friends were doing; he describes what Dahmer would have been doing instead. What struggles he faced, the disturbed thoughts he would have had. He compares normal teenage issues, to Dahmer’s issues, so you can see how disturbed and horrible his whole life was like. The comic is awesome! It’s well written, well drawn, and it gave me the creeps more than once! Because it’s a comic, it’s a super fast read which is also kind of nice sometimes!


If you’re into creepy, real- life horror; than this comic book is for you! If not, don’t read it! Instead, check out one of our other amazing books we’ve reviewed!

– Erin


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