Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe

Hey Readers!

This post is for What I Ate Wednesday! As I’ve said numerous times, I was in Vancouver and one the best diners I went to was Sophie’s Cosmic Café! My cousin took me out to that place today, and told me it’s a place he’s been going to for years! I was super stoked to be there and be apart of that scene.

Sophie’s Cosmic Café has a super cool layout! I love it, it’s 100% me. The inside is filled with old toys, lunch boxes, and has this old diner kind of aura. You look around at the walls, and you see old Peewee Herman toys, Archie Comic figurines, Mickeys and Minnies, old board games, and so much more. Coke themed items- ya it was pretty awesome! The waitresses were super nice and it was just really a great atmosphere!

There were a couple of really good breakfast meals we had! One was the eggs benedict! Now, I’m SUPER picky about eggs benedict, because the last place I worked at had THE best hollandaise sauce, but my cousin reassured me that this was a great meal! Super tasty, and the hash browns were delightful- lol ya my adult male stuntman cousin definitely did not phrase it like that. The meal I had was super good as well! I had a western omelette (super weird for me to get an omelette) and I was definitely digging it! It had onions, peppers, ham, and I added cheese (obvs), and they’re homemade hot sauce! Note- this hot sauce was not hot at all, but it still tasted amazing! The home fries, were just really soft potatoes, which were very good considering that I’m not a potato person really! And then it had toast too- so it was a really large meal for me, but I super enjoyed the parts I did eat! I also had a mocha, which was tasty as well. My cousin said their milkshakes are very good too, I should’ve gotten one for dessert!

These Pictures are not mine today. Please let me know if this is yours so I can give you credit! (And in the Featured Picture)

Anyways, I enjoyed my experience and loved my food! So great!

– Erin


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