Summer Learning!

Ok Readers,

Here’s my second post for you today! How many do I owe you? Two more after this? DONE! I love you guys so, I am happy to crazy post today for you guys!

For this post I wanted to talk a bit about different things to do if you’re bored this summer! I am currently checking out the what is happening in my community and I have some stuff to share- maybe you feel inspired to do some of these suggestions in your own community!

One thing that is really fun to get out and do (or what I’ve heard- yet to try this!) is Zumba in the square! This is basically FREE Zumba and outside in the square where I’m from! Now there are a ton of other places that came up when I searched this too! It is definitely not limited to Zumba either- magical! They also do yoga! Yoga, in the sun sounds amazing! I love yoga and sun so I’ll be checking this out, when I can too! For inside stuff, I definitely had a ton of fun with my future sister- in- law (hopefully sooner rather than later!) doing spin classes! The instructor always had different genres of music she would play based on the class! One day was boy band day- just saying. Amazing. Also, any dance classes are usually fun to take if you’re more into that! I hear flamenco dancing is super fun!

If you’re not really into working out this summer, than I have some other recommendations! There’s a ton of summer art classes you can take! In Vancouver, my cousin was doing glass blowing! I am researching and I think I’ve decided on a pottery class that teaches how to make all different kinds of things! You can take a sewing class, a painting class, ceramics class, piano, guitar, and so much more! These are so cool! I’ve never really thought of putting myself out there art- wise and learning a new skill. So I will try one of these for sure!

Let me know what you think! Is there anything you recommend?! Let me know and I’ll keep you informed as well!

– Erin


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