Hey Readers,

So I heard about the Manchester incident and I feel so devastated! It’s heartbreaking to hear that the targeted people were children, young adults. I cannot even imagine the fear and what people are going through. The pain, the worry- so much more emotions I don’t understand. Rest easy everyone whose died. I hope everyone gets better, and can eventually live peacefully. Lets spread the love and lose the hate.

To spread the love, I wanted to talk about Manchester and how amazing it is, especially to people like me who have yet to go there and explore the beauty of it! I wanted to write about different things I’ve researched about the place, because Manchester deserves to be recognized for the beautiful place that it is.

If you haven’t already heard, Manchester is VERY well known for it’s football aka soccer for all my North American people. It’s a team I’ve grown up knowing is one of the best and I would 100% pay any amount of money to go to a game! I truly think that if you do not even like the sport, you will have an amazing time! The crowd is loud, and committed to cheering their team on- which makes the game more exciting! Their crowds are like American football crowds for all my American peeps, and like hockey crowds for all of my Canadian people (unless you’re Ottawa for some reason? Also good luck in game 7 Ottawa!). If you’re REALLY into football/ soccer than they also have a national football museum. This is basically a sports museum for soccer/football past and present. The Old Trafford is the Manchester United’s home! It’s the football stadium! Seriously, I would love to see that team play!

Another highly recommended place is the John Rylands Library. It is a neo- gothic building that was founded by Enriqueta Augustine Rylands in memory of her husband- John Rylands. I love buildings like this and if I could, I would visit every library in the world just to walk around and look at their collections.

Heaton Park is another popular place on the suggested list, it is a neoclassical 18th century country house. It looks like a beautiful park to spend a morning drinking nice drinks, and to take a stroll. There’s a gold course, and apparently and animal and play area for kids.

During my cruising the web looking for comments on what to see, I also found just three more places I wanted to talk about that keep getting brought up! One is the Manchester Cathedral! The pictures online are absolutely gorgeous! It’s a 13th century chapel of the Duke of Lancester’s Regiment! Apparently there are daily tours, but sometimes just doing a tour on your own and taking pictures of the building is far more meaningful then jam packing your tour with information!

The last two places are museums. There’s an art gallery with 6 centuries of art work. There is a painting called Work by Ford Madox Brown that looks at the Victorian social system. Another museum is the Museum of Science and Industry. It specifically looks at science, technology, and industry and apparently you can go on a small steam train ride! Um amazing!

Well these are my recommendations! This would basically be a good start if I was planning to travel to Manchester! If you have ANY recommendations, let me know and I’ll add it to the list. I really hope that I do get the chance, when Manchester is in the healing stages. For now, I hope everyone remembers how beautiful that place is, and my thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by this.

– Erin


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