Non- Fiction Books

Hey Fantastic Readers!

I am currently housesitting! I have done this with so many people now, I feel like this is my new career! Ok anyways, I am on a hunt for internet passwords and what not- so I have three more posts for you today! I promise they will come out in less spurts soon! Today, I am sitting here watching the remake of Dirty Dancing and I am loving and hating it! I mean nothing is like the original with Patrick Swayze, but this guy is super hot so I love hate it! Anyways, more on that tomorrow! Today is supposed to be a lit review! I think I’ve mentioned that I’ve been on a nonfiction binge for the last little while! Now I find these books interesting, and usually what happens is I get really curious about something and I’m like huh. I wonder why this is a thing and I read about it. Reading is so important, and remember to always stay curious. So here’s my last 2 nonfiction books, and one I’m currently reading!

The first book I read was The Nazi Hunters by Andrew Nagorski. When I chose to read this, I thought that it would be like the show. A group of people tracking down old Nazi soldiers. What I found was something way more interesting! It went into detail about the lawyers and the cases about finding high Nazi leaders who ran away to escape consequences. The book went into detail about how countries dealt with these criminals, how they tracked them down, and what the trials were like. This goes on for years and years. It was interesting to see just how long the tracking went on for! It was a very informative and cool book about WW2. Overall, the information was interesting. Sometimes I found it a little dry, but the stories were still interesting and would suck you back in.

The second book I just finished was called the Science of Leonardo by Fritjof Capra. This book was probably one of the better nonfiction books I read! It was well written and kept me interested! I read it super fast, which does not always happen with nonfiction books for me. The book was split in half. The first part focused on all of Da Vinci’s art work and the second was the science portion. It went into detail about why Da Vinci was so ahead of his time, and what made his paintings unique. During the art section, it described his life and his growing up. The science portion was the many achievements he made as an adult, and how he seriously was ahead of his time! It was a very cool biography and if you’re interested in Da Vinci, please read it and give it a shot. You’ll be full of cool fun facts like me… so cool, I would make a great party guest.. lol.

The last book I’m reading is #bossgirl. So far, I’m sad to say, that I’m actually disappointed. I think I struggle with the Sophia Amoruso’s attitude in the book. It’s hard to read someone talk about how they don’t care but they care, and then they don’t care, and then they do. Ya frustrating. Also, she talks about how she hated school and I just have to say. Not going to school is fine- lots of people are VERY successful and never go to school! She really tries to say this, but she ends up bragging about herself and how much money she has and how she had nothing and hated school. Instead of saying if you don’t love school, you can be successful without it- she gets lost in just talking about herself. But girls, business school is still something you can do! If school isn’t your thing, don’t go- you will find something and if you love it, it will be successful! But don’t just hate on school! There’s tons of benefits and it is an amazing experience! Her discussion on feminism made me shutter too. She definitely made feminism seem like it was a man- hating thing. I didn’t like that part either. I’m still reading it, so maybe my opinion will change! But from what I’ve read on Goodreads, a lot of people are kind of thinking the same thing. I would like to say, there are a lot of other women who are amazing role models, business women, and who have great knowledge and stories to tell! We should all try to find more of those books!

Let me know if you have an recommendations for these kinds of books! Hope you enjoyed my reviews

– Erin


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