The Duchess Bake Shop

Hey Fantastic People!

For this post, I am going to talk a bit about food….. THE BEST. So for a late mother’s day present, my mom, sister, and I went to this great little bakery in Edmonton! It’s called the Duchess Bake Shop and it’s probably one of the BEST bakeries! Great food, and great news, it’s expanding! The only downside to this place would be that the parking can be hard to come by and that if it’s really busy they may run out of stuff! However, we went on a really busy day and that didn’t happen to me, so just make sure you’re there at an earlier time!

So for food, we all got the same thing, because it really looked amazing. It was ham and cheese on a flakey croissant! So good, so amazing! I ate it so slowly so I could savor the taste! For a drink I got a cappuccino- my go to since Italy. Together, it was a great combination! My sister got a mocha and I think my mom got a chia latte and both love that as well. That’s there go to drinks!


When it came to dessert, we each got something different, and then tried each others! SO, I got what’s called The Duke. It’s a chocolate cake with salted caramel and whipped chocolate, and is covered in a mirror- finish chocolate finish- it was $8.00  My sister got the Lemon Meringue Cake- this is a lemon cake with a caramel and lemon cream and is wrapped and toasted in meringue- it’s $6.50 for the smallest one. Last, was the banana cream pie. This was BY FAR the best out of the three! It was $6.50 and is a filled with creamy banana and pastry, then it’s topped with vanilla bean whipped cream! It’s on a flaky crust, and the whole thing was just amazing and delicious! It was super light!


When we left, my mom bought a macron gift box for $18.00. There are 8 different macrons you can try! They usually have some of the same flavors, then rotate in new flavors every so often. The kinds I had were salted caramel, rose, lemon, vanilla, pistachio, strawberry, blackberry orange, and chocolate coconut. My favorite was the vanilla! I definitely recommend getting at least one macron! They’re my favorite and the Duchess Bake Shop does an amazing job!

I highly recommend going, and eating delicious food! It’s even better in summer when you can sit outside and enjoy the sun and the great food!

– Erin


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