Dirty Dancing, Get Out, and Eloise


Hey Lovely Readers!

Happy Friday! On this lovely evening, I’m sitting here watching Risky Business while defending my chips and dip from a crazy kitten…. Seriously the dog isn’t even bagging. She’s trying to scoop my seafood dip with her paws. I’m fighting her off and typing tonight! Also, I only remembered two parts of that movie! The classic dance scene and the part where his dad’s car goes into the water! And of course the sunglasses and the catchphrase: Sometimes you gotta say “What the Fuck”, make your move. Seriously I had no idea that, that was what the movie was actually about. Now that, that movie is over, I’m watching Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom- my favourite, so amazing. My hero, my love- still one of my favourite series!

Alright, as you probably know, we talk about movies every Friday. So, I have three I wanted to talk about! The first was the remake Dirty Dancing- supposed to be like the musical moreso. It was ok. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it. I mean NOTHING is like the original. Seriously, such a classic. The things I hated about it- Baby was one. I mean I love hated her. She was as awkward as I am around hot guys, so that was funny, but she also seemed WAY too young for the guy. Like there should be an age gap, but not that much of one! They just didn’t fit. Another thing I hated was how awkward her dancing was. It just never seemed to improve! The og Baby had so much charisma when she started learning! She looked amazing when she danced! One other thing I didn’t like…. Now this was a deal breaker…… THE ENDING! Like what was that! They just fell apart and went separate ways! NO not good enough! I’m sorry, but I watch romance movies, because I am lacking the romance in my life! I don’t want to watch someone else go through the same thing as me! I want to watch a fantasy romance, not a real life one. So I was mad. I mean, some romantic tragedies or break up movies are really good and I end up loving. But, Dirty Dancing is a reliable romantic classic, so I was MAD! What did I love about it? I didn’t mind the added story lines, and the guy was HOT! I mean he was no young Patrick Swayze, but he was still extremely good looking! And an excellent dancer…. Who was hot. That’s what I liked about it!

So yesterday, my sister came over to this house I’m watching and we settled on Get Out and on Eloise. Get Out was amazing! If you are looking for a horror movie, it’s not really that. It’s a suspenseful story about a black man going to meet his white girlfriend’s family. I want to add more, but I feel like I can’t or MAJOR spoilers! All I can say is that the story line was AMAZING! I loved everything about it- the characters, setting, plot! Ya, very good! I’ll include a trailer for you guys below! The other movie we watched was Eloise! So basically Jacob Martin’s father passed away, and he was extremely wealthy. The will states that the money be given to Jacob’s aunt, however, she was in an insane asylum- Eloise- and he needs to prove she died to get the money. Him and a few friends break into Eloise Aslyum and the plot goes into many twists and turns that ends up tying random facts together! I actually loved the story line! It was very good! Still less scary, and more suspenseful! Also, Chase Crawford is in it, and he’s insanely hot, so here I go again watching movies for hot boys! When will I learn. I will say that the story was super short, which was good and bad! It made our night end really quick and the characters go through struggles way too fast, but I still really liked it! I mean, it was still a typical horror movie. Some information was weirdly added, sometimes the story seems ridiculous and confusing- but that is the joy of most horror movies! Again, another trailer is below!

Well, those are my movie recommendations! I know such a random assort! Oh well, let me know what you think!

– Erin


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