Don’t Stick To The Status Quo

Hey Lovely Readers,

How’s it going on this fine Saturday night?! I had a great day! Kathleen is back and we went for some awesome Remedy food! It was tasty, but the AC was broken, so it was lovely- but extremely hot! Good lord! I’m happy to say that she is back from Portugal! Now there are two bloggers again! YAY!

Tonight, I wanted to talk about being unique! It’s just something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately! I just have to say, be unique and be yourself! Do something different and out there that suits you! Do not stick to the status quo (I hope you were all thinking of the high school musical song!). As Troy Bolten would say: I don’t just want to be the basketball guy (I never even watched this when I was younger, what is wrong with me). So be you! Don’t let your peers pressure you into something you don’t really like. For instance, I got thinking about this topic, because literally EVERYONE I know is a nurse. EVERYONE. I just saw five different people on my Instagram say they were graduating from nursing- that was just LPN! I’m not saying nursing is bad, but I feel like a lot of people got into it because everyone else has! Heck, I even felt like it was something I had to do. It felt cool and interesting. I felt like I would be in the cool group! Even after years of being graduated, I still care what people think of me. Ridiculous. My mom is a nurse, and I can tell you that it is not for everyone. The nursing world is changing, and it’s not great. My mom has a lot on her plate, and it’s hard to watch her come home every night exhausted and frustrated with the system. Again, I’m not saying nursing is bad, because it also has some awesome moments! Like when patients get better after a battle with anything really- cancer, a brain injury, etc. That is all so rewarding! Nurses deal with a lot so I give credit to you all!

I mainly want to say that this is the popular thing, and everyone is doing this and getting married, having kids and leading very predictable lives. I also feel pressure, because I do want marriage and kids one day, and everyone is going through that now and I’m not even close to that stage! I don’t even know myself truly yet! It can be very overwhelming! But, I have learned to take a breather and relax and just focus on me. While others know what they want and have found themselves, I’m just starting to learn. I feel like I’m finally getting to know me, and it is very different from everyone else. My uniqueness is VERY different than what everyone else is doing and that’s ok! We may all want the same things, but I’m going around it differently and in a way that is suited for me! I like being different and I think it has many advantages to it!

I say that you should be unique, get out there and try new things! Life is too short to be predictable! Go travelling, take some community classes, find something you love! Don’t follow a certain path, because someone else is. You’ll find your thing, but you have to get out there and experience life!

If you feel like you’re struggling to fit in- it’s ok! I have never truly fit in. I hung out with tons of people in high school, but I could never really commit to a certain group of people. I just didn’t fit in, and when some accepted me, I always felt like I wasn’t truly apart of that group. I would try, but I was into very different things and not into what everyone was into. I lost touch with these people fast. I have always loved art. It’s always been something I’ve held close to me, and it was hard to relate to other people, because they didn’t get it! Art wasn’t a big deal to them, and if they were in art, it was just considered an easy credit. I lost my art for a long time, until Vancouver. I finally have it back, and I finally feel like it’s something worth striving for, even though people still make me feel like I’ll get no where with it. It makes me happy, so I should keep doing it. I didn’t truly feel accepted until I went to Vancouver and met people who were the same as me! Who wanted to make a difference via art! It was amazing, because they make money on the things they love! So, I’m saying this: be unique, pursue the things you love, because if not, you’ll regret it and you’ll never feel like yourself. You’ll find your people when you can do this. I am grateful for the small group of people I have already, and for the more I’ll find whose values and goals are the same.

Do something different with your life, do something fun that you love. I want to look back at my life with no regrets. Even if this art thing never pans out, then at least I tried! Be fearless always.

This meme! I believe everyone should be the Cello guy from High School Musical!

– Erin


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