All The Single Ladies

Hey Readers!

How’s it going today?! I had a fun, but looonnngg work shift this evening (why I’m posting so late), and I am exhausted! I did, however, manage to go over and beyond my step count which I haven’t done in a while! (Yay Erin) Although now it’s midnight and it says I’ve taken zero steps. Good lord I have to do this all over tomorrow?! What is this!

For motivation Monday, I wanted to a bit about living the single life! At 24 years old, I’m constantly asked about my relationship status. People want to know why I’m single. Why is that girl still single, where is she even going with her life, blah, blah, blah. I went to visit family a few months ago, and literally everyone took turns asking me why I’m single to which I would say ” Because I’m too busy”. It’s annoying. people are pressuring me to feel like I’m going to run out of time to start a family and all this garbage, but when I’m ready, I’ll start dating on my own terms. My aunt even asked if I was into girls, even though she’s known me for years and has heard me call guys hot and talk about my love for abs.

Here’s the real reason, I’m still single. I do not want to date, because I am only 24 and I have no idea what I truly want! I want to travel, I want to be able to pickup and move to places around the world: Britain, Vancouver. I want to find out who I am. I’m still trying to figure out what my hobbies are, what I truly love, and who my friends are even! To me, I want to be able to shape my own life without the influence of a guy! I mean if you’re dating someone- totally cool, so happy for you. But I am the type of person, who changes myself to the person I’m dating. I want to have a lot in common with them, and sometimes I do it without realizing. I let guys dictate my life, and they don’t mean to! I just let them have this power! So for me, I’ve realized that this is a self confidence thing. I feel like I have no confidence, so I do what”s comfortable. So far, I feel like I’ve done a very good job at bringing this up. I’ve found a future career I want to do, but there’s so much self work to be done that I need time to do this before I can be serious with anyone. I want to feel good on by myself, instead of relying on someone else to do that for me!

So girls and dudes, and everyone! There is no rush! You will find someone! But to do that, you need to be comfortable with yourself! You have to be able to make yourself happy on your own first and then find someone who supports you and makes you even more happy. They will love you for who you are no questions asked!

– Erin


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