Aussi Rules

Hey Readers!

Hope you had a great Wednesday! Today for what I ate Wednesday, I wanted to talk a bit about Aussie Rules! Sooooo, this place used to be the red piano, and is now still a piano bar- but they serve seafood now.

When I went to Red Piano, I went specifically for the bar aspect! It was my cousins bachelorette party and we had the best time! It was amazing to see the piano duelling! I highly recommend! They started off with one person playing the piano, and then they would switch and someone else would play. As the night went on, they began to duel between the two pianos, then a person with a guitar came out standing on the piano, and then there were people singing and rapping! It was amazing! Anything you requested, they knew and would play! We requested California Love by Tupac for my cousin, which seemed to make her night! It was awesome, they rapping was just as good as they’re singing. We had a great time. The drinks were very delicious

Today when I went, I was kind of disappointed! There was nothing happening! It wasn’t until I looked online that I saw that there is not any piano playing until Thursday evening, and then it lasts all weekend! I was really sad! The place was completely empty for an 8pm on a Wednesday! So, it was just my friend and I, and the waitress. It makes me worried for how much money they are making. I wonder if it would be better for them to have a least one person there to play during the dinner hours when it should be busy. Super sad.

I have to say that we ended up only having their chips and onion dip then leaving, because it was sooooooo quiet! Their chips were super light, and the onion dip was very good! I ended up taking it home and eating more later like a champ! We left because we were looking for something more upbeat! I had such a great time the first time I went so this was disappointing! However, the next time I go, I will be sure to go for the piano duelling and get some great food to tell you about later! Just know if you’re going, it’s all seafood now! I’m not saying not to go, but what I am saying is go on a day that it’s going to be fun and a great time! Also, only go for  the food if you love seafood!  I do recommend their snacking food though, and their drinks are well made!

Let me know of any recommendations you have for me in the future!

– Erin


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