Dead Men Tell No Tales

Hey Lovely Readers!

Happy Friday! Oh how I’ve missed you guys since my last post…. which was about 5 mins ago! I hope you’ve had a great week, and if not I hope you have the chance to just drink the night away after that bad week!

Alright, for this film friday I wanted to talk about the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie! So just a recap of the last movies and my feelings… I have really disliked all of them except for the first. I just could not get into the other ones! I didn’t enjoy the stories and they were kind of annoying! I loved the first movie and everything about it… and the ride in Disney land of course! However, I LOVED this one! It was soo good! If you are like me and concerned about Johnny Depp because he’s kind of an asshole now, don’t be! He’s not even the hero in it really!

So the story focuses on Will Turner and Elizabeth’s son trying to find Poseidon’s trident to break the curse on his father. He sets out to find Jack Sparrow to help him find it. The girl he travels with, Carina, is an astronomer and Horologist on her own quest to find the trident and figure out who her father was. In the meantime, Jack Sparrow is being followed by the dead after cursing them. I loved the story line in this! It was an awesome conclusion to the series, and I made me really love Pirates again! Also, be on the lookout for Paul McCartney!

Also, I’m going to Wonder Woman tomorrow!! I’m crazy excited!



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