Joe Hill

Hey Readers!

Hope you guys are doing awesome! Before I start into my topic for today, I wanted to say thanks for checking out our instagram account, and if you checked out our insta first, than thanks for coming to our site! It means a lot to us! Our blog has been an amazing outlet for me! I’ve had so many negative and anxious thoughts about where my place is in this crazy world, and this blog has allowed me to tune into myself and remember all these different things that I love and helps me to focus and remember those! I like recommending the things I enjoy so that you guys can experience some pretty great things too! If you ever want us to talk about anything (this can LITERALLY be anything) let us know! I’m always open to expanding my own knowledge and hearing your opinions as well- no matter what they are!

So anyways, back to the topic (I’m so bad for going off topic- good lord)! In the past couple years, I came across an author who I thoroughly enjoy! I find that now, I’m constantly waiting for new books to come out, and I’m very excited when they do! I wish I could read them over and over- but really I have no time to read them, because my book list is SOOOO long. I have a serious addiction to buying books and also taking them out from the library! Anyways, his name is Joe Hill, and I love him!

Fun Fact about him: He is Stephen King’s son. He does write the same genre as Stephen King, however, do not make the mistake of comparing the two! They both have very different writing styles! I find with Joe Hill’s writing, he goes deeper and deeper into the character’s lives and the stories. What I am trying to say, is that there is sooo much to each character, and story- this is what I love! I find people either love this or hate this, but for me that’s my favourite part! You just feel so connected to the characters and the story. This also makes the story so long, because there’s so much too it! I just can’t get enough! I also love the references he makes! It’s all to extremely relevant things that I also love!

So my favourite book by Joe Hill is The Fireman. I loooovvvedd the characters! I felt so connected to them! The main girl character loved all of the same things as me and referenced Harry Potter and all this stuff just like I do. The male character (in my mind was freaking hot) and also had a great personality. When the two talked they were so sarcastic to each other- like how I am. They are the kind of relationship I would like to have eventually.

Ok so the plot line is very cool. There is a plague outbreak that starts off with gold marks on the person’s body. With added stress, the person eventually bursts into flames. The main character, Harper, was a nurse helping victims of the outbreak, but she eventually contracts the same illness while pregnant. Her husband, Jacob, and herself have decided to end each other’s lives if they ever contracted it. However, once Harper is pregnant, she goes against the plan and is eventually forced to leave her home out of fear of people trying to kill her out of fear of getting the illness. Man, I’m terrible at describing these books sometimes- I’m so sorry it’s been a while since I read this which is why- so I hope you are more turned on to read the book than not read it! It has been picked up by fox for a movie so read it before the movie comes out!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the recommendation!



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