House Hunting

Sunday Funday!

And what could be more fun than apartment hunting? Actually turns out to be a lot of things. I recently moved in with a new roommate, or more accurately he moved in with me, and with him came his adorably awkward cat Toupie. Toupie is not used to living on the ground floor and so a few weeks into living in his new home, he came across a cat outside the window. Him and this cat did NOT get along and needless to say he freaked out and has had a hard time adjusting.

So…. We’ve decided to move! My roommate and I have our heart set on some outdoor space, and I would love this in the form of a backyard! However it is pretty hard to find a house in our budget that doesn’t look like a murder house and it has left me feeling disheartened.

We saw a really nice basement suite in a house (meaning we could still use the backyard), but they had a dog upstairs and unfortunately if the cat doesn’t seem to be able to work with cats, it is doubtful that he would work well with dogs. This place had the nicest kitchen! All stainless steal appliances including a dishwasher, but the reason for moving was the cat and so we have to think of the cat first!


I have received some bad news at work recently and so our search has been put on hold, but all I can think is how much I want a balcony for the summer months ahead!

I wish the right place would just show itself and could solve all my problems.

Does anyone have some good rental sites to search?

Happy Hunting to all you renters out there!



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