The Cover Letter Struggle

Happy Motivational Monday!

It’s been a rough week and I am having problems staying motivated! I’ve had some work troubles this past week and it has really taken a toll on my mood! I’m normally a very positive person and so I am really trying to keep the positivity up!

On the plus side it has really motivated my job hunt but oh my gosh job hunting really takes a lot out of you!

I’ve written three cover letters today and they are just super time consuming! I want to make them as professional as possible (of course) but seriously it’s so hard to tell what’s right and what’s wrong in there!

I struggle with writing the cover letter because I also dislike how needy I feel in them. I more or less feel like I’m just saying “Hire me Hire me Hire me” over and over again. Who doesn’t love to beg for a job.

I have really been loving the templates available on Google Docs, and I redid my resume for the third time. Finally happy with it and I’ve been sending it out so fingers crossed!

Good Luck with your Mondays!



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