Hey Sweet Readers!

I hope you are having a good day today! Just one more and it’ll be friday! Super pumped to work all evening….. but whatever because then it’s the weekend! I’m also super broke from that week of HELL! Thanks a lot life for throwing a shit storm of things my way to make me broke! However, I think my luck has changed for the better! It’s not amazing- like I had hoped to win the lottery to make up for all that money I had to spend- but it’s not horrible! Anyways, I’m off track as per usual! Today is Lit- Thursday, so normally we recommend a book that you might like. I’m doing things a little differently, because I’m currently still reading Catalyst by James Luceno- A Star Wars one. I thought I would let you know how I get all these great recommendations!

So, I have a Goodreads account! It is this GREAT site for finding new books, and also for getting very good reviews about the books. My brother and his girlfriend had the app originally, which is how I found out about it. From there I’ve only told a couple people about it, so now I have four friends on Goodreads- lol.

There’s so many great things you can do with the site! SO you have three different “shelves” of books that you can move books to. They are: Read Books, Currently Reading, and Want to Read. Pretty self explanatory. Theres a little thing that comes down when the books shows up that you can tap on to say whether you want to read it, have read it, or currently reading it.  One thing you can do is get recommendations on the site. When you first get Goodreads, it’ll give you a list of books to see what you read and how you would rate them to know what books you are interested in. Once that is done and you set up your account, you can just go over to the three lines and it’ll give you recommendations specific to what you have read in your past (on app) and if you are on the site, you can just go to browse books. Just make sure you are on a genre you love. You can also move over to “on my shelves” and it’ll let you know what books you want to read of that genre! You can also check the best books of 2016 (current one), so find books that people found amazing and voted for them to win! On your news feed, everyday they’ll give you suggestions to read of books that are popular for this week in various categories! I also find that the more people you have on your Goodreads the better! You can constantly see what they’re reading, what they have read, and what they would like to read. I always check out my future sister- in- laws Goodreads because she reads like crazy and ALWAYS has really great books with very honest 5- star ratings! If you’ve heard about a book from someone else, you can search the title and it will give you the star rating and people give very good reviews. I usually read a couple and scroll through the last few entry star ratings to see how people are rating it! They will let you know if there are spoilers in their reviews! The other way I get recommendations, is my friends on my list… all 4, but only 2 do this… is for them to send you recommendations! They always send me the best recommendations!


                      Some Suggestions for me this week, and the list of my books,              recommendations, reading challenge, Best books of 2016

One other thing I do, is do the reading challenge! Every year my friend, brother, and future sister- in- law all do the reading challenge! you can pick how many books you want to read this year, and then attempt the challenge! I usually start with 50! If you’re starting now, just make sure that you realize it re- starts in Jan, not a year from when you got the app! Also, to do the reading challenge, make sure that you are setting your books for currently reading, then move to read. This way it will go on to your reading challenge and think that you read the book recently rather than before that. You can also see your friend’s reading challenges to see how they’re doing too!

My Reading Challenge- Yikes 9 books behind schedule! I need to get on that!

I think that’s all I have to say about the site! I hope you enjoy! Get out there and review and recommend books! Kick that reading challenges butt! Add me on Goodreads if you have it or just getting it! My username is ErinChristy10 and the email you can search too is! Have a great rest of the day!



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