The Ramsay

Hi Everyone!

Breaking from “What I Ate Wednesday” tradition (and because I have eaten the most bizarre collection of food today), I have decided to focus on something food related today!

I’d love to talk about a cooking show I stumbled across on Youtube called “Gordon’s Great Escape”. The show follows Gordon Ramsay as he travels across India and tries to find the “real curries” that inspired British takeaways. Now I know that Gordon Ramsay as a chef can be controversial, he has become a sort of caricature of himself, but this show really shows his roots. It was shot at least 5 years ago (the exact date I’m not sure), so he is a little younger and a little less branded.

I have a coworker who absolutely loves Ramsay, especially Kitchen Nightmares, and as we usually do, I fell into the hole of the Internet one night and stumbled upon his Great Escape. He is fresh, friendly, open, and as a good cooking show should be, inspiring.

I can’t wait to explore the world and taste my way through all different foods! Something that stuck out from Portugal was the variety of food and how much identity was found in it! I love that sense of self that people find in displaying their dishes and I want to find that passion in food!

That’s all for now on this unorthodox What I ate Wednesday.

Happy Eating!



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